Leading Baltimore HVAC, Plumbing Firm Sees Major Growth Despite COVID Challenges

In spite of the incredible social and economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 virus throughout 2020, Baltimore HVAC and plumbing company Supreme Service Today saw tremendous success and plans to expand its services heading into 2021. The company has gained a loyal customer base since opening its doors and is a local name for offering premier geothermal and traditional HVAC services, as well as 24/7 plumbing service. Company founder and owner Denny Kougianos says preparedness and a willingness to offer unbeatable service are two major pillars that held them up over the past year. He says those same tenets are their platform for moving into 2021 as well.

“There were many companies that saw the challenges COVID was going to bring ahead of time and steeled themselves for a long, winding journey through the pandemic,” Kougianos says. “We were one of those companies, and we are blessed to be in a business that is essential for people to remain safe and healthy inside their homes and offices.”

Kougianos also says the rising popularity of geothermal HVAC services have helped establish themselves as a trusted partner for this highly efficient and sustainable heating and air conditioning technology. With geothermal HVAC, heating and AC become a two-in-one system, with temperature-conducting fluid moving through underground loops of pipes beneath the structure.

The fluid collects thermal energy from the earth, deposited there by the sun. Even in winter, geothermal HVAC works incredibly well since it is heating the structure with geothermal energy that rests beneath the frost line, which remains at 55 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The process is the same during the warmer spring and summer months, but in reverse, as the fluid dissipates excess heat into the ground and circulates at cooler temperatures. The efficiency of geothermal heating and air conditioning exceeds conventional systems, requires less maintenance, and the system itself will also function far past the lifespan of a conventional system. They are also quieter and have a lesser impact on the environment than traditional HVAC systems.

About Supreme Service Today

Known throughout the Baltimore-metro area for 100% guaranteed work, same-day service, 24/7 response times, and their transparency for billing and communication, Supreme Service Today remains one of the preferred choices for homes and businesses with any HVAC and plumbing needs.


Those interested in learning more about Supreme Service Today, its geothermal services, and other offerings, should visit the company’s website at https://www.supremeservicetoday.com.


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