Lawyer In Atlanta Teaches Community About Personal Injury Law

The Brown Firm, an Atlanta, Georgia based personal injury law firm, recently published an article that explores the definition of personal injury law. The article answers the question of what exactly personal injury law is in Atlanta and when it may be necessary to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury claims are not an uncommon subject in the US. “You can’t go far without someone you know mentioning something about it, whether it be from a slip on some wet floor to a car accident,” the article says. “For those not in the know, this can leave them scratching their heads, wondering what exactly is personal injury law in Atlanta. A personal injury claim is a type of claim that you can put in after you’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence. Typically, this is in the form of a car accident or a workplace accident, but it can vary drastically from that.”

The article continues, “For example, if you got bit by someone’s dog, then you might have a personal injury case. Likewise, if you were in the grocery store and slipped on some wet floor that had no sign, that could also be a personal injury case. It’s not as simple as just being injured by somebody else that constitutes a personal injury case, though. There are several different pieces of criteria that go into the proceedings.”

There are three different criteria that one’s injury must fulfill in order to be considered a personal injury case. First, the accident must have occurred as a direct result of someone else’s negligence. This does not mean that the party that caused the accident must be an individual, however, and many claims are made against companies and other similar entities. Workplace-related injury claims where the defendant is the company in question are particularly common.

Secondly, the party that is responsible for one’s injury must actually be able to afford to pay one the compensation that they are entitled to. Usually, the defendant’s insurance company covers such situations, but this is not always the case, and sometimes the defendant’s inability to pay the compensation can impede one’s ability to make a claim. The third and final criterion that an accident must fulfill in order to be a personal injury case is that it must have occurred sometime within the last two years. Attempting to make a claim for an injury that happened several years ago is generally impossible.

“Over the years of offering free consultations to the people living in Atlanta, GA, we’ve heard all kinds of questions related to personal injury claims,” says The Brown Firm’s article. “While everyone’s case is unique, there are a few questions that we commonly hear. One commonly asked question is ‘what if the accident was partially my fault?’ In the event that the accident in question was your fault as well as the defendant’s, then it becomes a contributory negligence case. In this situation, how responsible each party was for the accident is pitted against each other. The court is going to decide a percentage representing blame, and then each party must pay that percentage of the compensation that the other party is seeking. These types of cases can get complicated. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding them, give us a call for your free consultation, and we can walk you through it.”

If anyone in Atlanta finds themselves in need of an Atlanta personal injury attorney, The Brown Firm is available to help. The firm offers free consultation which can help clients determine what sort of action they can take regarding their case. A number of clients have left great reviews of the firm for these services. Frank Castle, one of the firm’s clients, says, “Great firm. They kept constant contact with me and were ready to fit me in anywhere in their schedule if needed. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a firm that will do the work they say they’ll do, quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.”

Another client, Steve Sweeny, shares that, “They were very helpful in all aspects. They were very forward with all relative information and communicated everything clearly. They were great at answering all my questions and keeping me informed of all proceedings. Everything was nearly effortless on my part, and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone.”

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