Lawrenceville Personal Injury Attorney Kenneth S. Nugent Is Offering Legal Counsel to Auto Accident Victims

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., is providing legal representation to auto accident victims in Lawrenceville, Georgia, who are seeking justice from those who caused them great harm.

Despite one’s best efforts of practicing defensive driving techniques, being always alert, and reserving courtesy for other drivers on the road, there is no way to prevent an accident when someone is driving rashly or being grossly negligent. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road or driving while impaired can cause head-on or rear-end collisions, wrong-way accidents, and more. Moreover, when it comes time to seek justice, insurance companies pull out all the stops to defend their negligent clients.

“Insurance companies are not your friends,” Kenneth S. Nugent says. “As a seasoned veteran, I guarantee you that the lawyers representing insurance companies are only loyal to their paycheck and won’t think twice about denying you even the most legitimate claims. If you have been in an accident, chances are the insurance company representing the party at fault is already hard at work to have its client’s liability dismissed. Without an experienced attorney by your side, you face an uphill battle that can end up putting you on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills and lost wages, even if you played no role in causing the accident!”

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., offers its services to personal injury victims who are suffering due to the actions of a negligent driver, individual, or business. The company has 42 high-performing attorneys on its roster who have a combined experience of over 350 years. The Georgia personal injury law firm helps accident victims come out the other end with the assurance that they will have the financial resources to make a complete stress-free recovery.

Ken talks about what his team can do for accident victims in Lawrenceville by saying, “We fight for your rights – plain and simple. We give you our expert legal advice to help you get a favorable settlement or win in court if the case goes to trial. Often, the lawyers on the opposing side will try to trap you in your own words and trick you into making statements that exonerate their clients. With our experienced attorneys on your side, you will know what to say during the court proceedings so that these predatory insurance companies are not able to deny you justice. We help with all the paperwork and also represent you during negotiations to maximize your payout.”

Over the years, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., has recovered over $2.5 billion for its clients in all kinds of personal injury cases including auto accidents, big truck accidents, premise liability, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, defective products, and more. The firm doesn’t charge its clients unless it wins their case.

The feedback that Georgians have given the law firm on its Google Business Profile demonstrates its dedication to responsive customer service and fighting hard for them till the very end. Clients graciously thank the law firm and its team of legal professionals for helping them get favorable settlements that helped them fully recover and put the accident behind them.

One heartfelt review perfectly captures the way Ken Nugent and his team impact the lives of everyday Georgians. The client writes, “I was shocked, to say the least, at a time in my life that was demanding due to the responsibilities of being a senior and having my 94-year-old mother to care for. An only child and single for many years, I found myself reaching out for legal advice and guidance. I took a chance on you and was not disappointed. The results of the accident could have been so much worse, I realize. The team at Kenneth Nugent, P.C., gave me hope and representation when I needed it most. I am forever thankful. I will continue working as long as I can, knowing that I can rely on good people, should I have a need in the future.”

Readers in Lawrenceville can contact Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., at 770-820-0711 to schedule a free consultation.


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