Law Firm Shares Why It Is Worth Getting A Personal Injury Lawyer In Georgia After A Car Accident

The Angell Law Firm, a Georgia-based law firm shares a new blog post, suggesting the need for hiring a personal injury attorney in Atlanta after a car accident.

Anybody injured in a car accident with substantial property damage may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

The Angell Law Firm Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys

"There are many instances where even the most minor collision will require legal expertise. It all depends on the accident's circumstances like your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and who was negligent," writes The Angell Law Firm.

The blog post starts with a piece of advice on what one should do after a car accident. It advises the victim to immediately file a personal injury claim with the negligent driver's insurance company. The goal is to receive compensation for damages like lost wages, medical bills, vehicle repairs, and prescription drugs needed to treat injuries resulting from the accident.

Insurance companies are often unwilling to accept full claims, even in minor injury cases, unless they are genuinely minimal.

The blog post says that most insurance companies try to make a much lower settlement than expected. It is here that hiring a car accident attorney in Georgia is the best way forward. An experienced lawyer knows how to fight for justice.

They will work towards receiving compensation for the victim's injuries that need long-term treatment, besides all forms of physical, emotional, and financial distress caused by the accident.

The Angell Law Firm has dealt with several car accident claim cases where both sides disagree over negligence charges. On top of it, insurance companies are unwilling to pay much on claims at all.

An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney helps ensure that victims do not have to bear the burden of expenses caused by someone else.

Sometimes victims are unaware of the severity of their injuries. "You should also consider the severity of your injuries, even if you feel fine after the accident. Many car accident injuries, like whiplash, can become more severe and painful with time. After a car accident, your body is in 'fight or flight' mode, suppressing pain for hours or even days afterward. You need to see a doctor immediately after a car accident, even if you don't feel injured."

Sadly, even a minor rear-end collision can also result in a severe injury to the neck, head, and spine. These injuries require a long recovery time.

The Angell Law Firm's team of attorneys help victims of car accidents in the insurance claim process keep their legal rights protected. This way, they are not taken advantage of by the insurance company with an unfair settlement.

The Georgia-based law firm suggests that a car accident attorney is well-aware of the legal process and statute of limitations in Georgia. Their work starts as soon as the victim hires them, starting with gathering the evidence and filing a claim.

Car accident lawyers take responsibility for ensuring the victim meets all deadlines, reducing the stress associated with the claim's process. The goal is to receive the compensation the victim deserves.

For those who have been injured in a car accident in Georgia, The Angell Law Firm can help get full compensation for the costs of injuries and property.


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