Law Firm Founder Embraces Role As Colorado State Delegate Of The NCDD

DUI Law Firm Denver, based in Colorado, would like to inform their clients that Emilio De Simone is the Colorado State Delegate for the National College for DUI Defense. As DUI Law Firm’s founder, De Simone's expertise and experience represent the core values of the NCDD, and he continues to use his knowledge to help further the cause of the DUI Defense college.NCDD State Delegate

Emilio De Simone has always desired to help people, and it is this desire that led him to pursue a career in law. Before choosing to become a lawyer, De Simone worked as an engineer who designed computer chips for various tech companies. He now uses his scientific background to defend those accused of DUI, alcohol and drug-related crimes in and around Denver, Colorado. De Simone enjoys combining his vast knowledge of the law with his training in the sciences to defend his clients. Defending those accused of DUI, alcohol and drug offences is a particularly challenging field in legal defense and Emilio De Simone’s unique background is what allows him to offer his clients the best possible outcome in any given case.

“In order to succeed in cases involving scientific evidence, a person with a scientific background is needed to defend them,” says the firm. “Emilio is that person, and his passion for defending these cases is evident from his work in the courtroom. Few lawyers are as committed to helping their clients obtain the best possible outcome as Emilio, and fewer still have the tools needed to produce good results. You can always trust Emilio to have your best interests at heart — and you can be sure that, if the case is winnable, Emilio is the lawyer to win it.”

DUI Law Firm Denver defends local drivers who may find themselves facing DUI charges. A DUI can be life-changing. One might be made to pay hefty fines, lose their license, or even face jail time, which makes having the best possible legal representation an absolute necessity. The DUI Law Firm Denver team, under the guidance of Emilio De Simone, has proven to be one of the best in the area. Learn more here: DUI Defense Colorado.

DUi Defense Attorney Emilio De Simone“Too many times, we meet decent, hard-working defendants whose happy lives have been assaulted by a DUI charge,” says DUI Law Firm Denver. “Often, it’s because we meet them too late. We know the last thing you want to think about today is having been charged with DUI. But that dark cloud is not going to go away by itself! In fact, there are people working today to make things much worse for you. The professionals in the ‘system,’ from law enforcement officers to prosecuting attorneys to the courts themselves; they are not on your side. Furthermore, they are counting on your ignorance of the law’s subtle provisions to make their case more easily.”

DUI Law Firm Denver has an impressive track record, and they often win cases deemed unwinnable by other attorneys. DUI cases are built on science, and this means Emilio De Simone can rely on his own scientific expertise and accreditation as the only ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist in Denver to defend his clients. The firm’s lawyers are all professionals that have ‘seen it all’ and know how to attack the opposition’s case on behalf of their clients. Many DUI cases simply do not go to trial, and DUI Law Firm Denver’s attorneys know what to do to get their clients the best possible outcome without having to appear in court.

“Emilio and his partners are exceptional attorneys,” says one of the firm’s clients. “I had a DUI a few years ago with some additional complications, and the case was handled with expedience and skill. Do yourself a favor and choose this firm to handle things for you.”

For more information on Emilio De Simone DUI Defense Attorney, interested parties may visit DUI Law Firm Denver’s website or contact their representatives directly. The firm is always ready and willing to help their clients fight DUI charges, and one can be sure to achieve the best possible results with DUI Law Firm Denver.


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