Laptop Repair Centre Revamped To Deliver Better Customer Service

Singapore based Star.Labs is pleased to report that they have overhauled their operations in order to facilitate a better customer experience at each of their various outlets. The company, which has been in business for 15 years, looks forward to helping their community keep their mobile devices in top condition.

Star.Labs primarily specialises in phone and laptop repair, helping their customers deal with problems that range from locked or cracked screens to damaged hard drives. Given the fast pace of the digital world, the company understands that a malfunctioning device can represent a grave emergency, such as making it impossible for an employee to continue working on an important project or for a student to complete a critical assignment. Many use a single laptop for both these avenues as well, which in turn can make a breakdown incredibly stressful to experience. Fortunately, Star.Labs has both the experience and expertise required to correct any malfunctions and restore a laptop to full working condition in the vast majority of cases.

In addition to this, Macbook users in particular will be pleased to learn that Star.Labs’ repair specialists are Apple certified, guaranteeing that any repairs they commit will be of top quality. The company is just as capable at dealing with Windows laptops, however, so customers may expect to find a solution for virtually any laptop-related issue under a single roof.

Many of these aspects are true for the company’s phone repair services as well. While phones are less likely to be used to store or work on important files, their loss can be extremely inconvenient for users who are accustomed to staying in touch with their friends, family and coworkers on the go. Star.Labs asserts that a shattered screen or broken battery (two of the most common issues they tackle) should not impede a user unnecessarily. In addition to being extremely affordable — the company will beat another store’s pricing by $5 if the customer can find a lower published price — each repair comes with a 90-day warranty.

Star.Labs begins every mobile phone repair by running a comprehensive diagnostic exam that uncovers every problem a phone may be experiencing, allowing their technicians to determine the best way to begin. Notably, this diagnostic test is completely free, so customers are welcome to stop by simply to learn what their options are. Once the diagnostic is complete, the technician will explain what can be done to resolve the issue at hand. It is then up to the customer to decide which option they prefer — or whether they even want to proceed at all.

In certain cases, customers may prefer to take the opportunity to upgrade to a new phone rather than attempt to salvage their broken device. Star.Labs is able to offer their assistance here as well since customers can buy iPhone, Samsung, Oppo devices (and more) if they so prefer. The company also offers used iPhones.

While the company recently took new steps to further their goal of offering exemplary customer service, this does not mean that they were previously found lacking in any way. On the contrary, customer feedback tends to portray the company in an exceptionally positive light, with reviews complimenting their friendly and professional conduct as well as their overall technical capability.

As one 5-Star review from Tina P. on the company’s Google profile shares, they consider Star.Labs to be the, “Best iPhone repair shop. They were extremely thorough and knowledgeable about restoring the locked phone to a perfect working condition. The prices are fair and straightforward from this certified repair center. I was so fortunate to have been referred to Star.Labs from an associate. I am 1000% satisfied and will be back. Thank you.”

A similarly glowing review from Fatteh A. touches on how the company offers great value for money. Their review states, “I walked in 30 mins before their closing time, they helped me get my iPhone XS [Max] cracked screen fixed while I waited. Really speedy service, affordable prices and great people. I’d definitely recommend them.” Notably, this outlet boasts a perfect score overall.

Customers are encouraged to contact the team at Star.Labs directly or visit one of their stores to follow up on any inquiries. More information regarding the services and products they offer can be found on their official website as well.


For more information about Star.Labs, contact the company here:

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