LAPilotGirl Boasts Growing Selection Of Aviation Themed Products

Santa Monica, CA based LAPilotGirl is pleased to mark a new milestone for her flight clothing brand of the same name. Despite only having been open for a few months, the platform has already managed to build an expansive inventory that now includes an impressive 1,700 products, all of which are aviation themed and represent LAPilotGirl’s love of the field. The online store is fully functional, and customers can expect to find the number of available products to rise even further in the near future.

As her name suggests, LAPilotGirl has a deep and abiding respect for the field of aviation, which she has dedicated a great deal of her life to. Given that she flies a great deal as a Los Angeles based female private pilot, she found herself wanting to purchase aviation-themed apparel that would be suitable both on the ground as well as in the skies. Unfortunately, a long search turned up items that were either too costly or not robust enough for her needs — and most simply were not expressive enough to suit her tastes.

LA99s Mojave Airport with LAPilotGirl

Fortunately, for her customers and community, LAPilotGirl decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and start an online store that would sell the items she believed should be available for all kinds of flying enthusiasts. Initially, her plan was to create apparel, such as aviation-theme t-shirts. After much trial and error, she discovered that there was a lot of demand for several types of aviation-theme items, so her store now carries a wide variety of options.

In the T-shirt section alone, those who visit the website today will find designs that display the Hawthorne Airport Runway, various forms of Aviator Art, a ‘My Spirit Animal Is A Skyhawk’ caption and much more. However, the store also offers leggings, office items, bags, home goods and so on, all of which feature creative designs that show off exactly what pilots love about flying. Each section is also broken down into subcategories — the page has hoodies and tank tops in addition to airplane T shirts; the drinkware section has stainless steel water bottles and mugs; and the office items offer spiral notebooks, mouse pads, hardcover journals and so on.

The LAPilotGirl store even has a section dedicated to student pilots, with many mugs, balloons, pillows, water bottles and more available for those who have recently completed a solo flight. Alternatively, some may prefer to decorate their homes with aviation-themed items. If so, they will be able to browse the store for pillows, blankets, reusable balloons and almost anything else they could imagine.

LAPilotGirl is pleased to add that customers can find these items on other platforms as well. Since many customers will have preferred platforms that they are more comfortable using (or perhaps have gift cards or coupons for), LAPilotGirl explains that their products can be purchased on Zazzle, eBay, Etsy, Redbubble and so on.

On Zazzle, for instance, customers can customize their orders to a certain degree. In addition to selecting from a number of sizing options, they can also pick from a variety of colors and print types. Those who navigate to the ‘My Spirit Animal Is A Skyhawk’ T-shirt page will find that they can choose between Classic Printing, which has no underbase layer, and Vivid Printing, which sports a white underbase that is designed to make images and text pop out better. Each item also has a full description that explains what materials it is made of and how it was constructed.

Those who wish to buy aviator shirts online are welcome to visit the LAPilotGirl website or any of the other platforms mentioned. More information about LAPilotGirl herself can also be found on the website.

LAPilotGirl is a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s, the International Organization of Women Pilots. She's the fly-in chair of her chapter, organizing monthly fly-in events to various Southern California airports, she is also the webmaster for the Palms To Pines Air Race that the LA99s are organizing and she has recently been awarded Pilot of the Year.


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