Laminar Consulting Focuses on Marketing in New Partnership with SEO Agency Bliss Drive

Laminar Consulting, a custom software and application development firm based in Orange County, CA, has announced a new partnership with the comprehensive digital marketing and search engine optimization agency, Bliss Drive. Based out of Los Angeles, CA and Irvine, CA, Bliss Drive has been engaged by Laminar Consulting to help boost their online visibility and increase awareness about their custom application development, cloud migration and quality assurance testing services.

It is Laminar’s goal to provide access to improved software and technology for businesses across a range of industries. In an increasingly digital landscape, software and technology are rapidly moving to cloud-based systems and users are demanding increasingly customized options and services in an increasingly competitive landscape. According to the Laminar Consulting site,, it is Laminar’s mission to make their client’s “technology efficient, up to date, and easy to use.”

Regarding custom application development, as can be seen on the Laminar Consulting website, they have “assembled a team of designers, researchers, engineers, and futurists who can transform [an] idea into a transformative digital product.” This is because Laminar specializes in providing “end-to-end digital product development services. From ideation and strategy to 24×7 maintenance, [they] provide comprehensive support for the complete digital product lifecycle.”

As mentioned previously, Laminar also specializes in cloud migration services. While there are certain one-size-fits-all cloud options, it can be extremely beneficial for certain types of businesses to seek customized solutions that fit the full breadth of their business needs.

Additionally, quality assurance testing is another critical service that Laminar Consulting offers. Underperforming websites or applications, broken site pages or links, and other software factors or UI/UX issues can turn off potential customers and decrease a business’s overall ROI. This is where a dedicated QA team or service can help with a company’s risk management strategies. According to the Laminar Consulting site, they are known for their “personalized approach, cybersecurity expertise, and proven record of delivering high-quality development services.” Laminar’s team of “certified QA engineers and security professionals work with [businesses] to help [them] improve performance, minimize risk, and maximize development resources.”

To learn more about Laminar Consulting, readers can visit their website at The team at Laminar can also be reached by phone at (888) 531-9995, or by email at However, readers interested in scheduling a free consultation with Laminar Consulting can follow the link included here.

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