Lake Ridge Arborists Praised For Professional Tree Removal

Woodbridge, VA based American Tree & Landscaping LLC is pleased to report that new customers have left highly positive reviews of their services. These reviews serve to illustrate the professional conduct the company exhibits on every job they take on as well shed light on the overall quality of the service provided by the Lake Ridge tree removal company.

Shared on the company’s Google profile, one recent review from J. says, “These guys are the real deal for a professional job well done. They did a great job taking down this tall, dead tree. They also cleaned up a mess from another tree that came down. They were very pleasant to deal with. They left the place cleaner than it was before.”

Lake Ridge tree removal service by American Tree & Landscaping LLC

Tree removal is one of the many essential services offered at American Tree & Landscaping, and it forms a vital part of any tree care company’s portfolio. While the vast majority of property owners prefer to take care of their trees, there is sometimes no choice but to remove them altogether, particularly if they pose a safety hazard to nearby residents and structures. Trees can become ill, for instance, succumbing to illness or infestations before a tree care expert can be engaged to remedy the issue. Once this occurs, a tree in this condition can begin to lose its structural integrity, making it a matter of time before it falls. Given the immense weight a tree can boast, this can prove costly if the tree should fall on nearby property — and possibly fatal if it falls on a person.

However, tree removal is also best left in the hands of an expert. According to American Tree & Landscaping, tree removal can itself be a dangerous proposal, again due to the tree’s weight. A removal expert also has to take the tree’s branches into account, which themselves may strike with great force if they should fall in an uncontrolled fashion. As such, certain tools are required to cut the tree and its branches down both safely and effectively, and only a skilled arborist will be able to use such tools while minimizing the risk of an accident taking place. Tree removal, therefore, carries numerous risks at multiple stages, and the company urges their community against taking matters into their own hands. Instead, a professional should always be consulted immediately once a tree shows signs of failure.

The company adds, “As our recent review notes, tree removal can create a mess in your yard that can take quite some time and effort to clean up. However, American Tree & Landscaping takes pride in maintaining a high standard of customer service, so it is always our pleasure to clean up after ourselves once a job is complete. You’re not hiring us exclusively for the tree care services we provide, you’re hiring us for peace of mind. Once you set us on a task, you can rest assured that every minute detail will be seen to. All our customers are welcome to get involved only as much as they prefer to. We can handle the rest.”

American Tree & Landscaping provides a variety of tree care and landscaping services in Woodbridge and Prince William County, Virginia in addition to tree removal, including tree trimming, stump grinding, storm cleanup and landscape installation and maintenance. While the company is more than capable of taking care of living and healthy trees (as well as nursing sick trees back to health in most circumstances). This is part of the reason they encourage their community to have their trees inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their good health.

Many other customers have left glowing reviews of the company’s work. George C. says in another 5-Star Google review, “I needed several trees trimmed and other landscaping services. American Tree & Landscaping responded to my inquiry that day, providing a very reasonable estimate. When the crew arrived, they began work immediately, working amazingly fast and efficiently. They did an excellent job! I would highly recommend American Tree & Landscaping!”

Further details can be found on the company’s official website. Customers are also welcome to connect with the company’s social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest American Tree & Landscaping news and offers.


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