Laird & Son Heating And Air Conditioning Surpasses 500 Reviews

Laird & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, based in Ontario, Canada, is pleased to announce that they have passed the 500-review milestone on Google Maps. The company offers a broad range of heating and cooling services which include installations and emergency repair services.

The company, which currently boasts 527 reviews on Google Maps, has been serving communities in the Toronto region for over 70 years. The family-owned business, now run by third-generation owner Neil Laird, has always been dedicated to a high standard of customer service. As such, they continue to ensure that they have trained and qualified service representatives in addition to offering high quality products and proven incentives. Three generations of dedication to their customers is made evident in the hundreds of positive reviews they have received.

Julia Ott’s 5-Star rated Google review states, “Paul performed an inspection on our furnace and was able to clearly show the reason for the furnace malfunction and lack of heat in the house. He left three heaters to keep the house livable on a well below zero weekend. Within 24 hours, the installer had the new furnace in place, the area cleaned up and the house heating nicely. Many thanks for the quick response and extra care provided.” Learn more here:

The broad range of heating and cooling services offered by Laird & Son to the greater Toronto region has helped them build a strong relationship with the local community. Their services include the installation of new furnace and heating units, air conditioners, heat pumps and boilers to ductless air conditioners. The company also offers the installation of full duct systems and high velocity duct systems. Similarly, the highly trained team can install air handlers that use hot water to warm air and air handlers that use electric heaters.

Some of the other services provided by Laird & Son include the installation of combination boilers, tankless water heaters and indirect water heaters that use hot water from a boiler to heat water for the house. To connect these systems, the team will install in-floor heating, plumbing and radiator systems to the boiler. According to the needs of the client, the company will also install air quality systems, a variety of filters and a range of humidifiers to suit the property’s layout and its residents’ needs.

The longstanding relationship between company and community is one that Laird & Son takes pride in. Carolyn Thompson’s review explains, “We've been using Laird & Son for the last 15 years since moving into this house. Always top notch service. Their pricing is reasonable, and they offer lots of options for payments. Their staff is pleasant, and they pay close attention to details. Any issues that came up were always resolved and handled with class and professionalism. We always recommend Laird & Sons to my friends and family.” This testimonial clearly reflects the trust the community has placed in the company’s abilities. Learn more here: Laird & Son BBB.

The company services and installs boilers, radiators and gas furnaces alongside the heating and cooling system installation and repair services they offer. Additionally, Laird & Son Fuels Ltd. still delivers oil and service oil burners as George Laird, the founder of the company, once did years ago. The company has also helped convert oil heated homes to gas and is proud of their team — who specializes in providing necessary services to both older and modern homes.

To quote a representative of the company, “When it’s time to purchase a new furnace, or you need a reliable company to install, clean or maintain your heating system, Toronto residents have always felt comfortable turning to Laird & Son, your local heat experts.” With over 70 years of experience in keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in summer in the greater Toronto region, the company has earned a stellar reputation for their expertise, thoroughness and the politeness of their employees.

Neil Laird ensures that all potential clients receive the highest standard of service as he only hires staff and technicians with full training and licensing. Laird believes that abiding by the codes, workplace safety requirements and relevant bylaws is of great importance. Laird & Son is Metro-licensed, TSSA registered and an HRAI member. The company is also WSIB compliant and has liability insurance. Each employee is held accountable for their conduct and cleanliness, and the company utilizes drop sheets to ensure that every residence serviced is in pristine condition.

To learn more about Laird & Son, one may visit the company’s website. For further inquiries, one may contact the team via phone or email. Read more about their relationship with their community at the following link: Laird & Son Heating & Air Conditioning Recognized.


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