LA Pilot Girl Announced LA 99s Pilot of the Year 2021

LAPilotGirl is elated to share that she’s been awarded the first Pilot of the Year award to be awarded by the Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s, the International Organization of Women Pilots. LAPilotGirl recently launched an online aviation apparel business, and has been a member of the LA99s for many years. She’s contributed to the organization by organizing fly in events for members at various Southern California airports, and is the webmaster for the Palms to Pines Air Race which the LA99s are organizing. The Awards Committee for the LA99s had this to say when offering the award to LAPilotGirl, whose name is Erika.

“This year our chapter decided to start an annual Pilot of the Year award, so we can honor one of our members who is an example of both a good pilot and major contributor to our chapter and aviation. The Awards Committee is made up of three members, two of which will rotate every year, and will include the immediate past winner to help decide on next year’s winner.

Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s Pilot of the Year 2021 - LAPilotGirl


“Our first annual Pilot of the Year award goes to a member who has shown a tremendous commitment to our chapter, its members, and a true dedication to becoming a better pilot. She has lived by the 99s mission of promoting the advancement of aviation through education and mutual support through flight.

“She’s involved in several committees, including the Chair of our monthly Fly-Ins, in which her dedication has shined. This was especially true during the pandemic when we were yearning for ways to start seeing our chapter members in person again! Each month, she organizes pre-flight calls, lunch reservations, and coordinating with various other LA99s chapters to make these fly-ins fun and educational for all attendees. In addition, she also designed our beautiful Palms to Pines Air Race website, and recently launched her very own aviation t-shirt business.

“This member has committed herself to bettering our chapter by supporting our members and empowering them to be better pilots. She has been a true mentor, and created opportunities for study sessions, including leading the student pilot study groups. She offers guidance to her fellow 99s during checkride prep and plane checkouts by flying with them to review maneuvers, and dedicating hours of her free time to study ground school. She fosters confidence in our members - especially student pilots - and has shown continued dedication to growing and nurturing our chapter. Her time, compassion and knowledge have made her an integral part of student success. She is a skilled pilot and true friend, who many of us look up to.

“It’s with immense gratitude that we present the first annual Pilot of the Year award to Erika! Thank you Erika!”

This award was given to LAPilotGirl to honor the outstanding contributions she’s made to the LA99s over the past year. LAPilotGirl, who runs an aviation store, was very glad to receive the award, and posted on Instagram after the award ceremony with pictures of her “Pilot of the Year 2021” baseball style cap, and these words: “I am very honored that the Awards Committee chose me as the recipient of the award. I am grateful for all the wonderful women I met and the many friendships I made with these incredible aviatrixes.”

The International Organization of Women Pilots, the 99s, was founded in 1929, when all 117 women pilots at the time were invited to join an organization to support each other and promote the advancement of female pilots. The name, the 99s, was selected by the organization’s first President, famed pilot Amelia Earhart, in honor of the 99 charter members when the organization began. The 99s have chapters around the world, including the Los Angeles chapter where LAPilotGirl recently won their first Pilot of the Year award. When not flying private planes, LAPilotGirl designs pilot apparel, such as t-shirts pilots can wear to show off their love of aviation.


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