Kyber Digital Stresses Importance of Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

Kyber Digital wants to stress the importance of choosing the right digital marketing agency. Such a marketing agency knows the right strategies for the various elements of an online marketing campaign. For instance, in a new blog post, they explained why it is usually not a good idea to outsource social media marketing. This is because social media requires a personal touch. Thus, instead of outsourcing the task, companies may want to get the help of a digital marketing agency like Kyber Digital, to determine how their one-of-a-kind voice and perspective can be used best as a key component of their overall marketing strategy. More about this can be gleaned from

The company operate as an account-based marketing agency that serves business-to-business (B2B) companies, and currently has clients all over the world. Their goal is to assist their clients in establishing better businesses. And they do this by enabling their clients to focus on their business to provide positive experiences for both their clients and workers.

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Jay Miller, CEO of Kyber Digital, says, “It is natural for companies to try to outsource some of their common activities and responsibilities. However, social media marketing is one of those things that can’t be outsourced because it is the business manager or owner who really knows the business. Also, the use of social media requires keeping in contact with one’s audience. It allows you to engage with customers and potential customers in your own personal way and it keeps you up-to-date on what is happening in your particular industry.”

Kyber Digital offers two kinds of B2B services: white label services and Quantum Audience Targeting. White label services are available only for agencies and there would be no contracts but only month-to-month pricing. The available packages for white label services are: AI driven Google ads, AI driven Facebook ads, behavior driven Facebook ads, Google My Business 3 Pack maps ranking, and SEO content package. To learn more about Kyber Digital, those interested can follow their Facebook page at

Meanwhile, Quantum Audience Targeting has been designed to be the most effective and fastest way for B2B companies to get more clients in the next 30 days. This program is for software developers, manufacturing companies, construction businesses, energy consultants, and marketing agencies. A business has to qualify for the Quantum Audience Targeting program, so those who are interested will need to schedule a discovery call to see if their business a good fit for this particular program. This program also includes Google My Business Maps 3 Pack ranking, B2B referral networking campaigns, and website/ landing page design.

Quantum Audience Targeting is composed for four steps. For the first step, they get data from first, second, and third party sources as a way to create a list of companies in-market for the company’s serv ices. This list is then layered with public records criteria, resulting into what they consider as “intent-data,” because they are actively discussing and researching a problem that can be solved by the company. In the second step, an offer is then built around solving the problems discussed. Kyber Digital then guides the company in a step-by-step process on how to position the company and its core value proposition so that the company’s offer becomes a no-brainer and an irresistible offer for the prospects. This kind of offer is necessary to avoid losing to competitors, especially those that have bigger budgets and can offer lower prices.

The third step is the provision of full-service digital marketing at no extra cost. These include website development, SEO, content creation, pay-per-click (PPC) and behavior-based retargeting, email marketing automation, social posting + listening, CRM management + reporting, blog content + newsletters + press, LinkedIn referral networking, and review generation.

The fourth and final step is guided business development. This consists of bi-weekly strategy calls with the company’s campaign success manager and weekly reports. This ensures that all of the marketing efforts are in line with changes in the business.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Kyber Digital can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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