Kyber Digital Releases Article Discussing Ways To Pull Sales-Qualified Home Improvement Leads

Marketing and business development firm Kyber Digital has released a blog post that educates readers on ten rarely discussed ways in which residential contractors can get sales-qualified home improvement leads.

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Residential contractors such as roofers, plumbers, or HVAC technicians, just to name a few are always forced to walk a tightrope and perform a balancing act between spending their time and resources serving existing clients and marketing to attract new ones. The blog post from Kyber Digital gives out ten marketing techniques that it says can be used to get home improvement leads that not many people talk about. The lack of interest or lack of awareness in pursuing these advertising methods also means that the competition in implementing them locally is sparse and they have the potential of returning significant profits.

The blog post begins by advocating for ringless voicemail campaigns or voicemail drops where a pre-recorded audio message plays automatically without the telephone ring first. It is non-intrusive and a responsible alternative to other forms of direct messaging. Most states require businesses to get permission for sending ringless voicemails as well as provide an opt-out option.

Businesses can also invite their best customers or advocates onto a podcast or video blog to discuss their services or products. It helps create reviews that are more trustworthy than basic testimonials as they get presented as a discussion on market conditions.

Another idea presented by the blog post is to attend a local Chamber of Commerce event and network with others in the same industry that operate in the same neighborhoods. This opens up chances to collaborate with other companies doing similar work but requiring the business’s expertise for specific jobs.

Businesses can also tap into unheard and under-researched insurance or state/federal tax incentives in the home improvement industry. This requires thorough research into local laws and can be presented to customers in the form of discounts, expedited services, or free assessments for homeowners looking to upgrade their property.

Flexible financing options are another major selling point that often goes underutilized. It helps businesses lock down customers who then feel invested with the company and refer to them for more work over and over again. Flexible financing options can be easily achieved by partnering up with a financial provider. Readers can head over to the Kyber Digital website at to browse through its affiliates who could potentially assume the roles of said financial partners.

Providing customers with education-based content before selling them a product or service is a great way to build trust and establish domain authority. It helps businesses reach an audience that is much wider than what they would have been able to pull if they were limited to local search results.

Businesses can even consider sponsoring larger local events such as town days, little league teams, fairs and carnivals, contests, or local festivals in a city or a county. It helps create brand recognition and goodwill for businesses without a significant investment.

Direct mail marketing campaigns that have strong offers associated with them and are personalized to address the issues that local customers are likely to face have been shown to provide handsome results.

Businesses can also resort to out-of-house marketing strategies such as displaying ads at local gyms, offering sponsorships or partnerships, putting up lawn signs, and more by pursuing customers where they are and placing the company’s products and services front and center for maximum visibility.

Finally, the blog post recommends offering preventative maintenance (PM) packages through dedicated marketing campaigns as they offer a lot of benefits that customers tend to appreciate. They primarily help customers spot small issues today that have the potential to turn into blocking problems that might require major repairs further down the line.

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