Kyber Digital Explains How to Build Business Credits For Contractors

Kyber Digital, an account-based marketing agency for B2B companies, has recently shared on their website a blog post on how to build business credit for contractors. Building business credit can be helpful for contractors with regards to: bonding, earning funding, getting better contracts, obtaining better terms and conditions, getting contractors insurance, and managing risks. A business credit is for the a business in the same way that a personal credit is for an individual person. Thus, having a better business credit means having improved chances of getting the financing or funding that the business requires.

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There are three business credit bureaus that provide business credit reports. These credit bureaus, particularly Equifax, Experian, and Dun and Bradstreet, keep records of the vendor accounts, debt payments, and additional credit information pertaining to businesses in order to protect financing companies and customers who may get affected by the poor credit of a particular business. Business credit is the same for both contractors and businesses.

However, there are different methods that can be used by contractors to earn business credit. Contractors will also need to examine why they would want to earn business credit. They may not be looking to get funding like many small and medium-sized businesses, but rather would like to secure a bid. Contractors will need to identify the benefits that they want to get from earning business credit. There are six primary ways in which business credit can help a contractor: securing a bond, better insurance rates, obtaining funding, more favorable terms and conditions, securing contracts, and evaluating the risk of a potential partnership.

According to Kyber Digital, with Facebook page at, one of the best ways for contractors to build their business credit is to start building the financial credibility of their business. This requires opening business accounts with credible and reliable lender and establishing spending patterns that result from their doing business. The key is to spend for the company out of a dedicated business account, rather than from personal accounts. It is a good idea to go through the process of legitimizing the business in order to make a distinct legal entity. This will allow the business owners to open a business bank bank account and a business credit card, which indicate to lenders that it is indeed operating as a business enterprise.

Once a contractor has opened business bank accounts and business credit cards, the business can begin maintaining and improving business credit. The business should use the credit card but makes sure that the purchases are not too large. For instance, it may be used as a revolving credit card that is paid off every month. Then, it is vital to identify those vendors that send reports to business credit bureaus. If possible, the contractor can purchase supplies from these vendors on a daily basis. A contractor can also build business credit by paying bills early, and not just on time, and making strategic moves that can boost credit score.

Next, contractors will need to continue doing business. While business credit may fluctuate while they are doing business, this builds a credit history for the business. The contractor should keep on seeking out contracts, paying bills early or at least on time, and taking out small credit offers as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on the business credit.

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