Kyber Digital Blog Looks at the Pros and Cons of a Marketing Agency vs In House Marketing

Kyber Digital is a reputable business development and marketing firm that is a specialist at promoting industrial construction firms and commercial and residential contractor services. They also like to post informational blogs on subjects that will help guide these types of businesses when they are making critical marketing decisions. Their latest blog post deals with the subject of the pros and cons of using a marketing agency vs. that of an in-house marketing team. This newly posted company blog can be seen here at

This new blog by Kyber Digital started by saying that there is no debate about how effective marketing is essential to the growth of any business but there is not always a clear path on how a company undertakes its marketing. Then it went on to talk about the pros and cons of using an established marketing agency such as them. The blog article’s stated marketing agency advantages include the fact that this will provide a new set of eyes and perspectives on how to reach a contractor’s known target base. Marketing agencies are also known for producing consistent results. Other benefits of using a market agency that were pointed out include the specialized skills that marketing agencies bring to their work and the fact that they are also known for producing faster results. The new blog article mentioned increased short-term spending and more limited communication as drawbacks to businesses hiring a marketing agency.

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After that, the newly posted blog went on to discuss the pros and cons of a business using an in-house marketing team. It stated that an in-house marketing team usually has a deep understanding of their business and being in-house also makes communication with management easier. The article also mentioned as a benefit of in-house marketing that the team will be solely focused on their company’s brand. Included in the negatives of having an in-house marketing team was the high salaries that are associated with this and the lack of unique perspectives and the specialized training that it often takes for a company’s marketing strategy to be successful.

The new blog article finished by stating that hiring a marketing agency is often the best solution for sustained business growth.

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Kyber Digital is best known for helping many industrial construction firms and commercial and residential contractors establish successful digital marketing strategies. The CEO of Kyber Digital, Jay Miller, says, “We're dedicated to helping small businesses generate more leads through proven methods. Your success is our success so we make sure that we treat your business as if it was our own. We are also always willing to perform a free marketing audit for your industrial construction or commercial contracting business. That way we can then show you how we can help your business by establishing a strong digital presence for it.” Miller stated that some of Kyber Digital’s areas of marketing expertise include website design and the all-important search engine optimization that goes along with that. They also have a solid reputation when it comes to helping their clients launch successful email marketing campaigns and make the best use of pay-per-click services. He mentioned that their effective strategy plans also include making good use of ‘Google My Business’ services. The company also specializes in white label services, Quantum Audience Targeting®, and helps in the creation of effective affiliates and partnerships. Their proven marketing strategies have led many commercial and industrial contractors to find customers that are actively searching for their products or services and guide them to a sale.

Kyber Digital’s marketing services are also very well reviewed by those that have used them. Ronald Frame of Champion Exteriors stated in his 5-star review, “Kyber Digital already did an amazing job for us on our residential campaign. When we decided to go commercial, they stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun - we did an additional $1 Million in closed contracts in the first 45 days. They care about their clients. It's like they're directly a part of our company.”

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