Kyber Courses Explains How to Gather More Leads Through Facebook Live

Kyber Courses has explained through a blog post how to gather more leads by improving landing page conversions after using Facebook ads, PPC campaigns, and more. They want to point out that there are a number of ways to tweak their landing pages as a way to enhance their conversion rate. Conversion rate is the rate at which site visitors take the desired action, for instance by becoming newsletter subscribers, and as a result become leads as they go further down the marketing funnel with the ultimate goal of converting them into a customer.

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Jay Miller, CEO of Kyber Digital, says, “There are many reasons your landing pages aren't converting. Still, the key to improving these conversions is to not change everything at once. Rather than changing everything and starting from scratch, try making small optimization changes and then test. It might seem like it will be never-ending; however, the payoff of seeing an improvement in your conversion rate will be worth it in the end. And, who knows, one slight adjustment might do the trick.”

The conversion rate can easily be computed by taking the number of conversions, which is the number of site visitors who have taken the desired action, for a particular period of time, and dividing this by the total number of site visitors for that period of time and multiplying it by 100 to get the rate in terms of percentage.

One way to enhance conversion rate is to make the landing pages visually attractive. This is important because a landing page has 0.05 seconds to impress a website visitor. This does not provide enough time for reading the content but there is sufficient time to impress the visitors. If the page is appealing enough, the visitor can remain on the page longer and allow the person to read or view the content. Another way is to boost the loading speed of the website. This is because it has been observed that a 3-second delay causes the loss of 40 percent of site visitors. In relation to that, it is important to optimize the landing page for mobile device users. This means ensuring that the site will display properly on the smaller screen of smartphones and tablets.

It is also important to have a clear call to action, which is designed to convince visitors to convert. Furthermore, there is a need to narrow down the site’s target audience to be able to speak to them specifically. This means personalizing the marketing strategy to to focus on the ideal customer. In this way, the page can be used to address the specific pain points for the target customer. To learn more about Kyber Digital, those interested can check out their Facebook page at

Another technique to improve the conversion rate is to leverage customer reviews and feedback. Social proof such as case studies, customer reviews, and social media shares can help in proving to potential customers the brand’s worthiness and bring them closer to making a purchase.

Another way to enhance conversion rate is to making the business more visible by displaying telephone number, business address, email address, or other contact information to help build trust for the business. It is also important to emphasize urgency for visitors.

And it is important to test drive the tweaked landing page to find out how the conversion rate is affected. And finally, the last step is to make adjustments after test driving the page.

Established in 1998, Kyber Digital has the goal of assisting businesses in avoiding getting victimized by inexperienced freelance online marketers. These at-home digital marketing agencies with minimal experience have been attempting to take advantage of businesses rushing to establish an online presence when the Covid pandemic started. Kyber Courses has established as its mission to educate businesses on proven growth strategies that they have called the U5 Method. Their service has several distinctive features. Business owners are able to learn these things at their own pace, monitor their progress, and get any assistance that they need at every step of the way.

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