KoolFaces Creates New Way To Express Emotions With Selfie Face Mask

Wayne, NJ mask creator KoolFaces is delighted to share their latest creation, the selfie face mask, with their customers. As the name implies, the mask allows the wearer to express themselves without having to take it off, and the company hopes that this innovative face covering will help their community endure some of the emotional challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to KoolFaces’ founders, the company recognized early on how masks had the unfortunate effect of removing personal expressions from daily interactions. Given that human beings are a fundamentally social species, they believe that this loss has had a greater effect that most people have failed to take into account. The company sees a great deal of power in the act of smiling, for instance, and they have observed that taking this ability away seems to have led to the loss of an important aspect of human relationships.

KoolFaces selfie mask

Victoria Herrera of KoolFaces states, “Masks have become the new normal, and many of the nation’s best experts seem to believe that they will be part of our daily apparel for some time to come. As a result, we find it unfortunate that this practical necessity has left us unable to express ourselves as much as we are used to, especially since it covers our mouths. The mouth is one of the primary ways people express themselves, whether it is with loved ones, children, coworkers or strangers on the street. People use their smiles to greet neighbors, reassure people and offer comfort to others in need. However, when wearing a mask, such activities and exchanges are more difficult since our mouths are hidden behind a face covering.”

To counter this, the company set themselves to the task of figuring out a way to bring back this lost expression without compromising the reason why masks were implemented in the first place — mutual public safety. After giving the matter some serious thought and experimenting with different prototypes, they now believe they have an answer that will benefit their community.

Herrera explains that, “KoolFaces researched advanced printing techniques to create realistic photos of one’s face on a mask. We have taken it one step further to enable people to have a set of masks, each with an actual photo of their smile, frown, laugh or any other expression they like.”

She continues, “We created an easy-to-use process using photos anyone can take with their smartphone. If a person can take a selfie with their mobile phone, they can create a selfie mask that realistically shows their face and any expression they wish to capture.” As demonstrated by the samples available on the company’s website, smart use of color can allow the wearer to disguise the mask better with their skin if they so please. On the other hand, the opposite is true as well, a clean white border can be added to indicate that they are clearly wearing a face covering.

Herrera and the rest of the team at KoolFaces advises their eager customers to consider where these masks will be worn in order to avoid misunderstandings. She comments, “You might be asked to put on a mask while shopping for groceries even if you already have your KoolFaces selfie face mask on. A quick word can clear up any mixups, but you always have the option of wearing a more obvious mask if you prefer. What matters most is that you are still able to express yourself while wearing it!”

She also points out that having an ‘automatic smile’ can help workers in certain industries do their jobs with greater ease during these troubled times. Servers, for instance, may find that having a smiling face, or even a fun goofy expression can make their customers feel at home. This advantage is helped by the fact that companies can have their logo put on the masks of their service and sales staff. Similarly, friends can elicit smiles from each other by having their actual smile printed on their masks, and masks with ‘built-in’ expressions might help children feel more comfortable around adults who have a genuine smile on their face that they recognize.

Notably, KoolFaces’ masks are easy to clean, and they come with an interchangeable filter to help keep the air clean. While the company wants to help make masks more enjoyable, maintaining public safety is also one of their main concerns.

Customers may visit the KoolFaces website to join their wait list for these fun and expressive masks. Further inquiries regarding the masks’ material, wash requirements and more may be directed to Victoria Herrera as well.


For more information about KoolFaces, contact the company here:

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