KoolFaces Creates New Pet Selfie Photo Mask

KoolFaces, a Wayne, New Jersey mask supplier, recently set out to create a solution for pet owners who are looking for a way to show off their pets on their facemasks. Wearing a facemask has become very common since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many believe that this will continue to be the ‘new normal’ for quite a long period. Since dog owners love to show off their pets, the founders of KoolFaces have decided that a high quality photo on a pet selfie photo face mask is a great way for pet owners to show the world their beloved pets. Learn more here: Pet Selfie Photo Mask.

Through a great deal of research, KoolFaces has developed advanced printing techniques that can recreate realistic photos of pet faces on a mask. “Since we will be wearing masks for a while, KoolFaces wanted to make the mask wearing experience a fun one,” says the mask producer. “If you have to wear a mask, why not use it as an opportunity to show off your fur babies. We use highly advanced and unique techniques to produce hyper realistic images of your pets so you can show them off while also keeping yourself and your loved ones safe during this crisis. At KoolFaces, we are on a mission to humanize wearing face masks and enable people to express their emotions and themselves while adapting to the new normal.”

The process of getting one’s personalized face mask made is incredibly simple. KoolFaces uses photos that anyone can take with their smartphone. KoolFaces has a set of guidelines which one must follow when uploading a photo. The first is to take a selfie — preferably using a plain white background — and making sure that there is enough light. One should look directly into the camera with good posture and keep their chin up. One should smile or make whatever face they want to appear on the mask.

All of KoolFaces’ masks are designed and made in the USA to provide quality, comfort and peace of mind to stay relaxed out in the world while showing off one’s beloved pets. The masks are 100% polyester on the outside, 100% cotton material on the inside, and they are extremely soft and durable. The masks feature a 5-layer filter protection system, are machine washable and are very breathable.

The company also has a variety of other products that allow their customers to express themselves even while wearing a mask that covers half their face. KoolFaces’ Halloween Selfie masks are a fun way to express oneself, especially with the Halloween season being so close. The masks feature highly realistic images of the wearer’s lower face. The masks, like the pet selfie masks, are made with 100% polyester material on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside. They feature similarly high durability.

KoolFaces also has a blog where they are documenting today’s world through a series of stories describing the atmosphere surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. When the crisis began, many had to figure out how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Over time people have begun to adjust to the new state of things and found ways to survive — and sometimes even thrive in the midst of the crisis.

Masks are one of the most effective ways to stop the virus spreading. “The coronavirus clings to wetness and enters and exits the body through any wet tissue (your mouth, your eyes, the inside of your nose),” says a blog post published by KoolFaces. “That’s why people are wearing masks and eye shields. They’re like an umbrella for your body; they keep your droplets in and other people’s droplets out. But masks only work if you are wearing them properly. The mask should cover your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin, and should stretch almost to your ears. Be sure there are no gaps — that sort of defeats the purpose, no?”

For more information on KoolFaces, and to pick out a high quality selfie photo mask from the many options they have available, visit the company’s site at https://koolfaces.com. With facemasks being the new normal, KoolFaces offers ways to still express one’s individuality while also staying safe.


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