Koala Insulation Contractor Announces Grand Opening in Austin

Koala Insulation Contractor is happy to announce the grand opening of the Koala Insulation Contractor franchise. They provide attic insulation services, insulation installation services, air leak sealing services, and insulation removal services. There are a number of factors that make them stand out among their competitors offering the same services in Austin and surrounding areas. These include their: promptness; cleanliness; insulation professionals with more than 15 years of experience; knowledgeable insulation contractors; and lifetime warranty.

They offer insulation services to various counties in the area, including Travis County, Burnet County, Williamson County, and Llano County. The cities and towns they serve include: Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Bertram, Bluffton, Florence, Burnet, Kingsland, Buchanan Dam, Liberty Hill, Marble Falls, Leander, Spicewood, Tow, and Horseshoe Bay.

Koala Insulation of Northwest Austin

Attic insulation in Austin is important both during summer time and winter time. During summer, attics can reach 140 degrees or more. With the sun’s ray heating the roof, if there is no appropriate insulation, the temperature in the attic can rise significantly. The heat may then transfer to the other floors of the home. The result would be: uncomfortable temperatures inside the home; uneven temperature in rooms; more work for the air conditioning system; higher energy consumption; and higher energy costs.

During winter, if the attic insulation is not installed properly, the home can be cold and drafty. A heating system is used during the winter but if the insulation is insufficient or has not been installed properly, plus there are air leaks, the warm air will rise upward towards the attic and then escape to outside of the home.

They also offer spray foam insulation, which can be a great alternative to conventional insulation materials. It may cost more but it offers several benefits, such as: higher R-value, which means better insulation properties; reduction of pollen and allergens that get through the walls; noise reduction; possible use as barrier against bugs, insects, and small rodents; ability to add sturdiness to the walls; prevention of the growth of mold and mildew; environmentally friendly insulation; and longer lasting insulation.

They can also install batt insulation for the home or commercial building. This kind of insulation comes in pre-cut sections or large rolls. They are installed in sheet form and placed between the studs in walls, attics, and floors. They are often made of fiberglass but they can also be made from organic cotton or mineral wool. And depending on the moisture content of area, they may or may not be faced with aluminum foil, vinyl, or kraft paper.

They can also install blown-in insulation, which may be dense pack or loose fill. Loose-fill blown-in insulation can be made from fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, and even denim. This kind of insulation can be used to fill all nooks and crannies of a particular space and provide a fluffy layer of effective insulation. Dense-pack blown-in insulation can also be used to fill all spaces to provide an effective insulation. Loose-fill blown-in insulation is often used for attics and for retrofitting existing homes. On the other hand, dense pack blown-in insulation may also be used for walls and cathedral ceilings, in addition to the attic.

They can also install attic fans, which ensure proper ventilation by pulling up hot and humid air upwards and out of the attic. This is will not only provide cooler temperatures inside the home during summer but it can also help prevent premature deterioration of the roof because it prevents the accumulation of hot air and moisture in the attic.

They can also offer insulation removal, insulation sealing, and insulation testing. Sealing leaks in the insulation can help in the reduction of cool or warm air, depending on whether the air conditioner of heater is being used, escaping outside the home. Expanding foam and silicone caulk may be used for filling the smaller gaps while an insulation dam or aluminum flashing can be use to seal leaks around flue pipes.

Those who are interested in learning more about the insulation services provided by Koala Insulation of Northwest Austin can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday; and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.


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