KiLaMDaPro Speaks on Creative Expression with Mekhi Greene of The Simple Idea Podcast

The Simple Idea, A Podcast on self-improvement, announced today a previously recorded episode with KiLaMDaPro, a music producer hailing from Maryland. The 22-year-old dove into the realm of creative expression at the age of 11 by playing the trumpet and eventually found himself embarking on a journey as a music producer.

KilaMDaPro has been heavily influenced by some of hip-hops most talented such as Kanye West, 9th Wonder, J Dilla, Madlib and more. As of now, he has managed to amass over 4000 followers on SoundCloud and over 800,000 total streams on Spotify. The Maryland hailing producer has managed to make a name for himself in the underground lofi hip-hop scene and has created a rather impressive resume with 8 released projects.

Kilamdapro- Simple Idea Podcast

The episode of The Simple Idea Podcast, which was recorded in mid-march consists of the music producer and host Mekhi Greene explaining the importance of implementing some form of artistic expression in your daily routine. They stress that we’re all capable of expression but there needs to be a commitment to it.

When asked about growing up a creative KiLaMDaPro stated he was encouraged to be, “Exactly. I had like, yeah, I had space to really get creative and explore that, you know, and it wasn't looked down upon or I wasn't kind of pushed away from it. It was, yeah, it was encouraged. Like he said, I'm younger and I'm grateful for that, you know, super grateful for my family.”


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