Kia Dealers Express Appreciation For Customers’ Continued Support In Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta based Northland Kia is extending their sincere gratitude to members of the community who have taken the time to show their support of the dealership’s efforts. This support, which is often expressed as personalized feedback, online reviews and more, has helped Northland Kia identify which programs work best for their customers. In addition, they are always looking for ways to fine-tune their services, so they look forward to hearing from their community in the future as well. Learn more here:

Customer F. Mion shares that their recent experience with Northland Kia was also their, “Second time with this dealership, and I highly recommend it! Those guys are extremely professional, helpful and understanding of your situation. Got an accident with my first car that I bought from them, and after dealing with my insurance, I went back there to figure out the paperwork with the finance department of that branch and had a new car ready for me within two hours. Such a great experience! Thank you!” This Google review, like many others on the platform, awards the dealership a full 5-Star rating.

Other reviews illustrate the fact that Northland Kia takes the experience of new customers seriously as well. Recognising that many drivers may visit the showroom with little idea of what they want, the dealership goes out of their way to learn what an individual is looking for in order to understand both what they want and need. Customers tend to arrive with a budget in mind, but the perfect car has to suit their lifestyle by accommodating a number of other factors as well. Since the team at Northland Kia has worked in the field for many years, they are able to put their insight to excellent use when helping new drivers discover which car is best for their lifestyle. As it stands, customers are encouraged to tell the team more about their expected commutes, driving habits, destination preferences and more when visiting the dealership. This will help the team point them towards the right car.

Another 5-Star review from I. Kamara shares, “Thank you so much, Northland KIA, for the business.” This customer sought financial assistance from another source in their journey to find a vehicle, but they mention that they were then, “paired with Robert at Northland Kia. Robert is the best. This was an honest and straightforward experience working with him. Robert found the perfect vehicle for me, and he was open and honest at every step of the way. Robert went above and beyond to help me get the best Insurance and also make sure I was happy with the vehicle.” See more here:

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the team at Northland Kia. Such purchases are often long-term investments to much of their clientele, and this means their car has to be the perfect companion every time they go out on the road. Every vehicle at Northland Kia is in excellent condition, but they each have their individual features and quirks that make them suitable for certain drivers over others. The team is able to wield both their technical expertise and dedication to customer service to identify a partnership of this nature with great accuracy.

Northland Kia enables customers to browse both new and pre-owned vehicles as well as take advantage of numerous financing offers. Much of the initial research a customer can make into their planned purchase can be done through the dealership’s official website as well, though they are also welcome to contact the team directly to follow up on any specific inquiries. Whether they are in the market for heated seats, parking assist, built-in navigation, cargo racks or any other feature, Northland Kia has the car they are looking for. Working with Northland Kia also gives customers access to their exemplary service team, serving to keep vehicles in top shape whether they belong to longtime customers or new arrivals.

Additional information on the vehicles available at Northland Kia and their various services can be found on their website as well. Customers may also reach out to Giovanni Gonzalez of Northland Kia for further details. Learn more here:


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