Kenneted: The #1 LinkedIn Resource Moves To Downtown Indianapolis

LinkedIn lead generation platform Kennected is pleased to announce that they have moved into the Pan Am building in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Kennected primarily helps businesses widen their reach in order to connect with customers and associates alike. They invite all interested parties to get in touch today to learn more about their platform and its LinkedIn automation tool

Kennected’s purpose, in simple terms, is to simplify online outreach and automate tasks that have to be repeated on a consistent basis. Their platform gives clients the tools and resources they need to develop a sustainable pipeline of leads by leveraging the power of LinkedIn marketing. These tools are meant to replace the once traditional strategies of cold calling potential clients or attending networking events throughout the year. Despite once being the norm, these strategies have become grossly outdated, especially since the advent of digital marketing and the growth of platforms like LinkedIn.

How TO Increase Sales on LinkedIn

One of the main drives behind the agency’s efforts is the idea that business owners are always more knowledgeable about their operations and what they need than any marketing agency could ever hope to be. Therefore, the team at Kennected does not consider it their mission to reach out to find leads on their clients’ behalf. Instead, they focus on giving their community the tools and insight they need to perform these tasks on their own. The agency recently launched Cloud Kennect with this goal in mind, making it easier than ever before for clients to access these crucial services.

The advantages offered by this system are numerous. While business owners know what their organization needs the most, it is still impossible to handle all a business’ marketing needs alone. However, Kennected’s platform has the ability to automate certain functions — allowing owners and managers to stop wasting precious time sending follow up emails, checking up with customers and more. Being relieved of these mundane tasks gives them the opportunity to focus on their main goal: ensuring their business prospers.

However, the agency also understands that customers want to feel like they are in touch with an actual company representative. While the idea of automating responses may conjure an image of stiff and unappealing phrases, Kennected has worked hard to ensure their system is able to replicate the human experience without fault. In other words, it is able to send personalized responses that invite the prospect in question to engage further. This applies to businesses of all sizes, enabling small business owners to handle lead generation alone or large corporations to field thousands of contacts with much smaller teams. Kennected's customers really love the saas based product for lead generation on LinkedIn.

A Google review from Kent Hansen explains, “I love Kennected because it's very easy to use, and it helps a lot with lead generation. It saves a lot of time because now I can connect with more prospects at scale. It's also very affordable compared to other LinkedIn tools, and considering all the convenient features it has.”

Similarly, the company has amassed a great number of testimonials, prominently and proudly featured on their website, that attest to the value of their services. Keller Williams Realtor Glenn Cunningham shares, “At the time I started using Kennected, I had less than 60 connections on LinkedIn. Since then, that has grown to almost 2,000 connections. I have one house under contract, and I have two buyers who I am the buyer’s agent on.”

The testimonial concludes, “If you are in real estate or any business where you need to generate leads, you should check out Kennected. It has certainly changed my business. It has added an entire stream of revenue to my business. Thanks, guys!”

‘Any business where you need to generate leads’ applies to nearly any business one can imagine, as demonstrated by the wide variety of fields listed in the agency’s testimonials. In addition to real estate, Kennected has helped digital marketers, videographers, SEO agencies, podcasters, roofers and much more. If a business can use the internet to market itself, the odds are that Kennected can supercharge their efforts and put them in reach of more prospects.

Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn with LinkedIn automation tools by visiting the Kennected website and signing up for a demo. Devin Johnson of Kennected may be reached for further inquiries as well.


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