Kennected Wins The Work-Life Balance Culture Award At Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards

Kennected has been honored in multiple categories at Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards. The company’s flagship product is a LinkedIn automation platform that helps in lead generation. The company offers “done-for-you” LinkedIn marketing for its customers.

Kennected has been shortlisted in the 2020 Work-Life Balance Culture Award Winners list, the 2020 Leadership Team Culture Award Winners list, the 2020 Career Path Culture Award Winners list, the 2020 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Culture Award Winners list, and the 2020 Sales & Marketing Team Culture Award Winners list. Kennected shares the honors with a prestigious who’s who list of companies.

Kenencted Kulture Intervies

Powderkeg is a growing community of more than 10,000 tech entrepreneurs and others who are building innovative companies across America. The company also recruits local talent and matches them to the needs of founders, hiring managers, and key leaders of its member companies. The Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards allows companies to showcase their employer brand to the national Powderkeg community with a unique company culture profile. It also gives the companies a chance to examine how their culture stacks up compared to others in their space with benchmarking data at a local, regional and national level. Participating companies win a chance to be featured in Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards depending on employee feedback.

To find the best of the best, Powderkeg conducted surveys that gathered information from technology-powered software, hardware, product, and services companies across the country about the culture within their workplace. Employees rated their companies and employers on several topics that contribute to company culture, including leadership, diversity and inclusion, career path, work-life balance, and remote work. There are also categories based on teams and regions where companies are headquartered. Awards are based on application responses and survey rankings by each company’s employees.

There are certain salient traits that make for a desirable employer. They have certain cultural traits and leadership styles that help them succeed. For example, employees in such companies are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. The culture is focused on inspiring employees to bring their best to the workplace. There is often a clear mission statement that guides and aligns all the employees’ goals. More importantly, the top brass at such companies is always open to honest and constructive feedback. Employees report that they feel appreciated and heard. Employees are also more likely to recommend the employer to their personal network.

When asked about the award, the spokesperson for the company, Devin Johnson, says, “Kennected wins powder keg award for culture due to its mission to create an inclusive and transparent work atmosphere. We focus on maintaining a proper work-life balance for all our employees because we prioritize their physical and mental health. Employees who are well taken care of are the most productive and enable us to move at breakneck speeds in this business. We try our best to remove all friction between line employees and management. We value clear communication. Our values enable us to overcome insurmountable challenges on a daily basis and give our clients the best service they can possibly get.” No stranger to earning awards, Kennected also earned the coveted ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club award recently.

Kennected University is a great resource for learning more about the company and its products. The company has a superior onboarding process and provides lifetime support to its customers. They give each customer individualized attention. They structure unique campaigns to help each client reach their individual goals. Kennected’s automation platform makes filling the sales pipeline easy and fast. Kennected helps customers fine-tune their outreach based on data to get better results. They also help customers set up e-books and other value-adding informational pieces to set them apart from every other person looking to make connections and sales on LinkedIn. The software allows companies to send connection requests with ease & follow up automatically one-by-one as if they were sending them manually. Once a company follows the onboarding process, it should start seeing results in just a few days. Kennected also offers to book online support calls for customers who want a free demo of its products. Kennected is always striving to make moves in the lead generation space, and to provide a full suite of tools for salespeople and entrepreneurs.


For more information about Kennected, contact the company here:

Devin Johnson
201 S Capitol Ave Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46225