Kennected Reviews: 521 Reasons To Try Automated Lead Generation On LinkedIn

Indianapolis, IN based Kennected is pleased to acknowledge the immense positive feedback they have received from clients who have benefitted from their LinkedIn lead generation platform. Thanks to this support and their own commitment to bolstering their clients’ commercial outreach, Kennected has become the fastest growing Software as a Service (SaaS) company for LinkedIn automated messaging software. Kennected has helped over 15,000 sales professionals from various industries like insurance, banking, investments, software, marketing and more automate their lead generation strategies.

Notably, a number of Kennected reviews have been submitted in video format, illustrating how grateful the platform’s users are for the advantages it provides them. For their part, the team at Kennected has opted to display these video reviews proudly on their website, making it easy for newcomers to see exactly what others are saying about the platform’s LinkedIn lead generation capabilities. In particular, much of the feedback sheds light on how automation can drastically improve a business’ ability to both cast a wider net and reduce the pressure of repetitive tasks.

Realtor Glenn Cunnigham’s video review, for instance, gives a brief look at the state of his business prior to engaging with Kennected as well as what it has grown into since. He says, “I started using Kennected about 60 days ago. At the time, I had less than 100 connections on LinkedIn, and since then that’s grown to almost 2,000. In that time, I’ve secured two listings, one of which is under contract right now. I’ve secured two other buyers who are actively looking, and also five investors who are looking for investment properties like rentals, rehabs, flips, things like that.”

He adds, “That’s not even including the hundreds of conversations that I’ve had with great people, one on one, that no doubt will lead to leads and referrals down the road.’s added an entire stream of revenue to my business.”

As anyone who has tried to generate leads manually can attest, it can be difficult, tedious and even disheartening work. Not everyone a business reaches out to will want to engage with them or their services, and it can take scores (if not hundreds) of messages before a lead pans out. In addition to this, those who are new to the field will likely not have the experience they need to target the correct audience — thereby leading them to waste their effort on leads that never had a chance of coming to fruition. Fortunately, as multiple reviews of Kennected and their approach will showcase, the team makes it their mission to teach new clients how to manage and use the tools provided more effectively. As a result, the bonuses gained are two-fold: automation takes much of the tedium out of the process and the client is also able to generate leads that are more likely to turn into prospects.

Peter Ciravolo of BC Brokerage explains in his own video review that he and his business partner used to take a more conventional approach to lead generation. He says, “My business partner and I would go out, shake a lot of hands, kiss babies, go to networking events, we would do email follow-ups, call follow-ups — everything that a normal agent does. But we knew we needed some tool to help us get to the next level.”

Ciravolo explains that the duo knew there were certain drawbacks to this. Friends and family, for instance, may provide a quick way to start business but this is not sustainable. On the other hand, generating leads via emails and calls takes a lot of effort (which can be better spent elsewhere).

He continues, “Then, we started with Kennected. All of a sudden, we started sending out 100 LinkedIn requests a day. We started being able to send it out directly to our target market — the people we want to be in front of and the people who are going to buy our product and service. After just a few days and 300-400 invites out, we already had 15 appointments set for the following week. Since then, since we’ve been on Kennected, eight weeks later, we have consistently set 15 appointments on the calendar due to Kennected.”

Those interested may view the rest of this testimonial, alongside many other glowing reviews of Kennected, on the company’s official website. Further details regarding the full scope of their services may be found here as well, and clients are welcome to contact Devin Johnson of Kennected if they wish to discuss their requirements with one of the company’s representatives.


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