Kennected Receives 5 Star Review From Realtor Glenn Cunningham

LinkedIn lead generation platform Kennected is delighted to share that they have received yet another 5-Star review from Glenn Cunningham, a realtor with Keller Williams in Central Arkansas. One of Kennected’s biggest strengths is that it can be utilized to support virtually any business, and this is evident in the large variety of users on the platform.

Cunningham is a relatively new user who has only been on the platform for a handful of months. Despite his relative inexperience with the platform and the full breadth of its capabilities, however, he has already reached new milestones in his outreach. As a result, his review and thoughts offer a great deal of insight into the immediate opportunities that await new users, particularly if they are on the fence about joining Kennected.

The review says, “I started using Kennected about 60 days ago. At the time, I had less than 100 connections on LinkedIn, and since then, that’s grown to almost 2,000. In that time, I’ve secured two listings, one of which is under contract right now. I’ve secured two other buyers who are actively looking — and also five investors who are looking for investment properties.”

Cunningham then clarifies, “That’s not even including the hundreds of conversations I’ve had one-on-one wih great people that, no doubt, will lead to deals down the road —and referrals down the road — so if you’re in real estate or you’re in any business that requires you to lead generate on a daily basis, I really think you should check out Kennected. It has certainly changed my business, it’s added an entirely new stream of revenue to my business.”

The full review, and many others like it, can be viewed on Kennected’s Youtube channel as well as other social media platforms. The company is extremely proud of the work they do for their users, and they often receive testimonials describing how the platform has changed a business’ or entrepreneur’s organization for the better. Many of these testimonials can also be found on their official website.

Considered by many to be the best automation tool in the industry, Kennected strives to simplify the lead generation process and automate a variety of tasks. The latter of these, the company asserts, allows business owners and managers to avoid the repetitive grind that is endemic to any kind of organization’s marketing efforts, thereby giving them more time to dedicate to building their business.

One such task Kennected is able to take over on behalf of their users is reaching out to potential prospects and sending follow-ups when necessary. As this is essentially a conversation between two different entities, one may expect this not to be possible since people prefer to have human interactions wherever possible. However, Kennected believes that building the experience of human interaction is just as viable as long as the information exchanged is of value to both parties.

Here, the platform excels as well, as it is able to personalize its messages to the prospect in question. Should manual intervention be necessary or preferred at any point, the user can step in and take over the conversation. In practice, this can be used to explain a business’ services to multiple prospects, engaging them to the point that the user can directly answer more specific inquiries once the preliminary details have been shared. This results in a great deal of time saved as the number of prospects multiplies since the user no longer has to waste valuable time on prospects that ultimately fail to pan out.

Kennected has a demo available for those who wish to experiment with the platform before committing to it as well. The company is confident that users will instantly be able to see how many advantages they stand to gain by doing so, and they welcome any questions regarding its functionality, especially if they want more leads.

Devin Johnson of Kennected can be reached for further inquiries as well, and additional information is readily available on the company’s website. Similarly, those interested in following the company’s latest developments are welcome to connect online via their preferred social media channels.


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