Kennected Receives 5 Star Review From Joseph Heraldo

Joseph Heraldo

Kennected is making waves in the marketing automation field and is stacking up 5-Star reviews. Recently, the agency received a review from Joseph Heraldo, who was very pleased with Kennected. Heraldo referred to his review as a ‘celebration’ of Kennected and its effect on his business. “In three weeks, I was able to sum basically a quarter of my business,” says Heraldo. The results, he asserts, are worth the hard work. With the COVID-19 pandemic making it very difficult to create schedules around their business, Kennected has allowed business owners like Joseph Heraldo to seamlessly plan and execute business schedules.

Kennected gives business owners the tools and education needed to build a sustainable pipeline by leveraging LinkedIn marketing and email. The software allows one to simplify and automate lead flow, freeing up resources that can be diverted elsewhere instead of being spent exclusively on pursuing leads. The Kennected team has extensive experience in digital marketing and has been featured in numerous renowned online publications, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed and much more. Kennected offers unmatched expertise in lead generation.

“Take control of your sales,” says Kennected. “Book a call with our team if you’ve been struggling to generate predictable leads, and let’s discuss getting you on the phone with better prospects. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how Kennected can solve your lead generation problems. Let’s discuss your business goals, sales procedures and whether or not Kennected’s LinkedIn services are the right solution to help expand your business.”

There are a number of obstacles that Kennected can overcome for any given business. First, it makes it easy to generate high quality leads on LinkedIn, which in turn means more and better business partners. Kennected helps businesses make more money by giving them access to more and better clients as well, and it also helps them save time. The company allows businesses to target the decision-makers and thus ensure that the right people are being contacted. It also makes it so businesses can stop worrying about trying to find more clients and save time that would normally be spent performing low-level tasks that generate little to no real profit. With Kennected, businesses can grow their brands to become an authority in whatever market they are in. Read more about what Kennected can do here: What We Do For You.

Kennected was founded in 2018. By combining the marketing experience and expertise of Devin Johnson, Cody Harvey, Elliot Drake, Stephen Twomey and Brandon Poplstein, Kennected’s purpose has always been to provide a highly effective solution that is both simpler and more effective than traditional marketing services. Kennected has been successful and brought the power of lead generation and marketing to over 10,000 businesses and entrepreneurs around the world in less than two years.

The five original founders of Kennected worked together at a digital marketing agency where, after years of experience, they found that one of the most frustrating parts of running an agency was scaling up a high-quality solution that worked. Search Engine Organization (SEO), Facebook ads and content marketing are all affected by the human element in some way, which often makes it nearly impossible to produce world-class results. The founders decided that they wanted to bring world-class marketing to people looking to grow their businesses. As a result, Kennected was born.

Joseph Heraldo is not the only Kennected user to have seen great results. A number of other businesses and entrepreneurs have left great reviews of Kennected. Ben Edson, the owner of an SEO agency, says, “Hey Elliot, I just wanted to personally reach out and say thank you for letting us on the platform! Within the first month, we actually closed two website deals totaling over $5,000 and a monthly subscription to our SEO program of over $1,000 per month. We have had so many leads on our team's LinkedIn that we hide from the platform due to not being able to handle all the sales calls! My phone and account went from being silent to blowing up off the walls. I love the platform! 10/10 recommending to friends!”

For more, visit the following link: Kennected Testimonials. Additional information regarding the company’s services can be found on their website as well.


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