Kennected Launches Brand New Video Sales Software, Kennected Video

Kennected, a company whose flagship product is a LinkedIn automation, messaging, and outreach tool has launched a new product entitled Kennected Video.

Kennected Video is a sales video software designed to help business people prospect and follow up easier. With integrations into various different systems, including Kennected’s own LinkedIn automation software, Kennected Video software is designed to help customers build more authentic relationships through video.

The biggest challenge while prospecting as a recruiter or a business owner is tuning the message to match the intended recipient. Sales is a numbers game that involves reaching out to as many leads as possible. In such a scenario, creating a customized narrative to appeal to every customer or client is almost impossible without the use of specialized software. Kennected video addresses this pain point as it allows anyone anywhere to send personalized video messages.

The main features of Kennected Video are easy recording, instant upload, screen capture, and a robust video library. Easy recording enables anyone to record anywhere that they have access to a computer or mobile device with a camera. Videos can be instantly uploaded to bolster existing pitches and make them even more compelling. Screen capture features allow customers to add real-time product demonstrations and presentations to their pitch. The video library allows users to keep a virtual Rolodex of video content that they can use over and over for different pitches.

The software comes with a powerful video editor that allows a huge degree of customization and lets users craft videos that align with their intentions. The user can easily merge multiple videos into one, or trim existing videos to create personalized videos at scale. This is especially powerful when the prospector has to tweak each video pitch just a little to match each customer while keeping the bulk of it common. A caption creator enables the user to add accessible, easy-to-read captions. The customization capability also extends to the media player whose colors and designs can be changed to stay on-brand.

When it comes to marketing tools that ensure the lead turns into a sale, Kennected continues to put out amazing products. Kennected Video is no different as there are quite a few sales customization options available to its users. There are prominent, modifiable call-to-action buttons that allow the user to close the sale while giving their customers a clear next step to engage in. Kennected Video also allows users to create custom landing pages. Users who want to get started quickly can also select ready-to-use designs from Kennected’s library.

The platform is comprehensive in its reach. It allows versatility in sending videos as they can be sent via text, email, LinkedIn, or directly from the user’s CRM. The videos can also be easily shared on social media. There is an option to create a website popup that allows the user to get traffic to their site of choice by laying the video over the URL of their choice. The video can be sent with compressed links which ensure that the videos won’t get caught in spam filters.

Finally, the platform provides important analytics to gauge how effectively an outreach campaign is working. The system can be set up to send real-time notifications to tell when the video was viewed. There is a whole suite of in-depth reporting tools that track clicks, views, and engagement and presents the information to the user in an easily digestible and logical manner. There are also options to export admin reports that will enable users to leverage team reporting to drive company-wide adoption.

The platform supports both iOS and Android. The videos have animated thumbnails enabled to help the email stand out in a crowded inbox. The software also allows recipients to respond with their own video directly. There are no storage limits as everything is hosted on Kennected’s own cloud. The company also pledges free high-quality support and resources to its customers.

Potential customers can head over to Kennected’s website for more information about the product’s features and pricing.


For more information about Kennected, contact the company here:

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