Kennected Is Best Alternative to Cleverly as LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

Kennected has announced that they have recently published a YouTube video that explains why Cleverly is the wrong choice for a LinkedIn outreach campaign and that Kennected is the best alternative as LinkedIn lead generation software. While Cleverly is designed to write and send personalized messages to the marketer’s dream clients on LinkedIn, for those who want to scale up their lead generation through LinkedIn, Cleverly is not the appropriate choice. There are other options that do what Cleverly is able to do at a more affordable price, with Kennected being the best alternative.

Devin Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Kennected, says, “Cleverly is a LinkedIn software that is designed to write and send personalized messages to various recipients on LinkedIn. On paper, its functions and features sound great. But when you take into consideration how much it costs and what it does, you might want to consider other tools instead.”

He continues, “Kennected is a great alternative to Cleverly because it has a superior onboarding process. Kennected teaches clients how to fish, instead of selling them fish. We only take over the mundane and repetitive tasks that are wasting your time and energy. Kennected lets you focus on more important tasks, such as improving your product or having real conversations with clients.”

It is important to realize that establishing real connections and building rapport is necessary when it comes to selling and marketing through social media like LinkedIn. Thus, certain tasks ought not to be automated. Kennected utilizes a personalized approach that distinguishes it from other automation tools. That is why Kennected is the best alternative to Cleverly.

It should be noted that in contrast to Cleverly, Kennected is much more cost effective, with Kennected’s Ultimate package costing much less than Cleverly’s cheapest package. Also, Cleverly may limit the lead count. Only one active campaign can be run using Cleverly’s Silver and Gold packages, while only two can be run using its Platinum package. This may slow down lead generation efforts, and with Cleverly, the marketer will still have to pay for Sales Navigator.

With Kennected, marketers would be able to automate their LinkedIn outreach with the use of very accurate data for finding the ideal prospects, and then send invites and follow-up messages. Kennected is also easier to use because it only requires three simple steps: finding the ideal targets by applying LinkedIn’s data-rich filters, adding a specific messaging to the more than 30 proven scripts of Kennected, and then launching the campaign. The result would a continuous stream of connections, appointments and sales through LinkedIn.

Kennected will replace the traditional methods of cold calling, prospecting, and attending various networking events. While prospecting manually on LinkedIn can actually have some results it is difficult, if not impossible, to scale up. With Kennected, lead generation will be performed automatically so that campaigns can work even while the marketer or business owner is sleeping. It can actually reduce the amount of time, money and effort spent on marketing campaigns.

And because Kennected is already integrated with, Anymailfinder, FindThatLead, and more, it is practically effortless to search for emails within the LinkedIn interface. Marketers would be able to easily make some changes to their Hubspot with the valuable information provided. And buy using the Kennected dashboard, it is also possible to monitor an outreach campaign approach and then manage it by applying the insights gained. Furthermore, the data that is obtained will enable marketers to make better informed decisions for their campaigns.

Marketers would also be able to send connection requests and follow-ups automatically. However, this is where customization is important because these requests should not be sent in bulk to ensure that it will still appear that they are being sent manually and not by software. The follow-ups may also be sent automatically and the marketer can specify the maximum number of times it should be done, until there is a response.

Those who would like to better understand why Cleverly is not the best choice as LinkedIn lead generation automation tool may want to visit the Kennected website where they can be contacted through web chat or where those interested can schedule a support call.


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