Kennected Client Reviews Demonstrate Effectiveness of LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

Kennected has proudly announced that they have been collecting five-star reviews left and right, which demonstrates how truly effective is their LinkedIn lead generation tool. The latest glowing testimonial from a client has been recently converted into video form to allow people to easily understand what it is all about. The success of this lead generation tool is partly due to Kennected’s policy of focusing on “teaching clients how to fish” rather than “giving them fish.” During the onboarding process, they will thoroughly immerse themselves in the goals of the business and the various unique aspects of the industry. They will then personalize the award-winning scripts that have assisted their users generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

In the Kennected Jordan Armstrong testimonial, the client asserts that Kennected is one of the best software he has ever used for his business. He explains that this is a LinkedIn lead generation automation software that complies with LinkedIn’s operating agreement so that users won’t have to worry about the possibility of getting banned or blocked from the social networking site. He also explains that the tool really provides automation that will connect the business with people who match their ideal audience and send personalized messages to these leads. He believes that LinkedIn offers a powerful platform because it is made up of mostly professionals and business owners with whom Kennected users will be able to connect with.

Kennected Testimonials

Devin Johnson, CEO of Kennected, says, “Such glowing testimonials are proof of the effectiveness of our LinkedIn lead generation tool. Our LinkedIn Automation platform helps you bring in a steady stream of connections, appointments and sales via LinkedIn. We understand that the old way of prospecting is often not very fun and tedious. We’re talking about networking events, cold calling and more. But we all know we need new, fresh qualified leads for our businesses. That is why we built Kennected. We took all of the frustration out of prospecting. Now, you build out what we call “sequences” and let A.I. help fill up your calendar with new, highly qualified prospects.”

Those who are interested in viewing the videos for these glowing Kennected reviews may want to check out their YouTube channel or visit their website. Kennected can actually replace prospecting, cold calling, and attending a number of networking events. Prospecting manually on LinkedIn may offer some results but the task is tedious and consumes a lot of time. By using Kennected, lead generation through the LinkedIn platform will be performed automatically and will continue even while the client is doing something else or even asleep. This particular lead generation software may really save a lot of time, effort, and money.

When using Kennected, users will only need to dial in their ideal prospects. It is also possible to launch and keep track of several campaigns at the same time. New campaigns can also be easily added or changes can easily be made on current campaigns. It can also be used to easily take a look at the responses from users, check profiles, and monitor current conversations under the Responses tab. The tool also allows the easy removal of a specific user.

In addition, Kennected is integrated with, Anymailfinder, FindThatLead, and more. This means that it would be easy to search for emails right inside the LinkedIn interface, permitting clients to adjust their Hubspot easily by using key information. The Kennected dashboard also allows easy tracking of an outreach approach and then manage it using the insights obtained. It provides data that enables marketers to make smarter decisions for their campaigns.

Furthermore, this LinkedIn lead generation tool lets marketers send connection requests and make follow-ups automatically. These requests are not sent in bulk, so that it would appear like they are being sent manually. This tool can also be set up in such a way that it will enable the automatic sending of follow-ups only up to a number of times, until a response has been received. It should be noted that they have recently launched Cloud Kennect, which is a cloud-based version of Kennected, instead of the original Chrome-based version.

Those who are interested in learning more about Kennected and Cloud Kennect may want to check out the Kennected website.


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