Kennect Me Launches Smarter URL Shortening Service For Tracking Digital Marketing Campaigns

Indianapolis Indiana- Kennect Me website- has launched a smarter URL shortener service that has the ability to change end destination right from the dashboard. This new service will help brands create trusted links that are easy to promote and share., also known as Kennect Me, has the ability to create calls to action within high authority websites that are shared online.

kennect me pixel visitors and profit

Shorter links are easy to share. Unlike websites where one would have to copy and paste an entire URL that are more than fifty or more characters long, provides links that are more manageable—and memorable.

Shortened links rarely exceed 20 characters. This is why they are perfect for branding and marketing. gives businesses and salespeople the ability to increase their click-through rate. In fact, branded links can drive a 34 percent increase in click-through versus non-branded links. will get more eyeballs on one's brand, as well as its content.

In addition to its URL shortening function, also allows paid users the ability to add a remarketing pixel, which fires off when people click through the links, allowing businesses to remarket to them. Kennect Me states it is "the most complete link management tool on the market. You can pixel visitors, include popup call to actions on articles and learn where your content marketing efforts should be focused on through our data and analytics section." Learn about their features here.

These tracking pixels gather information about visitors on a website, including how they browse and what type of ads they click on. One can then send the user paid ads that are relevant to their interests. Pixels can be used to measure a campaign’s performance and also track conversions. In the long run, this information will help users build an audience. fires off these pixels to know what actions were taken by visitors. This is good for reaching higher ROIs on ads. also lets users market to people when they share other people’s articles. Usually, when they share other people’s content using their social media profile, they lose their audience’s attention. This takes away the opportunity to engage with and sell to them.

But Kennect Me lets users share curated content without losing their audience. Brands can maintain their position as an industry leader while monetizing the traffic that they are sending to other websites. With, one can add their own call to action right inside other people’s highly valuable content. is the smartest URL shortener service that helps businesses share better links and remarket to visitors effortlessly. With this service, one can stay on-brand and avoid lengthy URLs at the same time. Increase one's brand’s impact and introduce one's self to a larger audience.

On top of all these benefits, also gives access to deep analytics. Marketers love data. Users can use these analytics to track any marketing campaign’s ROI with ease. Kennect Me gives the user better data so they can make better decisions. is the best social media tool that anyone's never heard of. It empowers companies to drive strategic growth online through customized, branded, and trackable shorter links. Start using Kennect Me today to boost brand awareness, conversion rate, and profits.


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