Kelowna SEO Specialist Sherman Hu Produces Press Release For 1st On The List Celebrating Christmas Staff Party On Zoom With Delivered Meals and Magician For Entertainment

Kelowna, BC – Kelowna SEO agency Sherman Hu was inspired by 1st On The List’s story and collaborated with them to share how they celebrated their holiday staff party with timed delivery of Skip The Dishes meal deliveries to remote staff, along with entertainment by a magician, broadcasted over Zoom video.

Sherman Hu collaboration with 1st On The List

Client Success Consultant, Keiran Griffiths shares, “Frankly, when I first heard the idea of hosting a party on Zoom I was very skeptical. The idea of organizing everyone's food deliveries to arrive at the exact same time across multiple different restaurants and locations seemed like a stretch. Add in a virtual magician and I thought this was going to be a tough event to pull off! That being said, everyone's dinner arrived on time and the magician was a huge hit! A lot of companies decided against a staff Christmas party this year and so I'm just glad we were able to proceed with ours.”

At a time when many businesses are out of ideas or skipping their Christmas holiday staff parties for 2020 because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, 1st On The List’s CEO & founder Chris Genge shares his intentions behind organizing this virtual event.

“Most of our specialists work remotely from home, and it has been this way for years and they love the freedom and the work-life balance it gives them. In previous years, we’ve gathered together for our annual Christmas staff party and it’s really a special time to physically connect with our team but the pandemic’s restrictions put a damper on it this year. I wasn’t going to let this stop us. With some creative brainstorming, we were thrilled with this idea of Skip The Dishes to deliver whatever meals our staff wanted to enjoy at a set date and time, and to top it off, entertainment from a magician! Many of our teammates expressed how great an idea this was and they had fun!”

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