Kelowna SEO Service Agency Points Out Statistics Proving Importance of Digital Marketing and SEO in a Pandemic-Driven World

A Kelowna, British Columbia-based SEO specialty service led by Sherman Hu pointed out startling facts on the importance of digital marketing and SEO in a pandemic-driven world. These statistics show a dramatic increase in business for those companies that took a progressive approach to online marketing before and during the ongoing pandemic. At the same time, many traditional brick and mortar businesses failed altogether as the pandemic forced shutdowns. Those companies that adjusted and established at least some online marketing focus either survived or thrived as more and more people stopped venturing out of their homes as much. This newfound consumer behaviour is something that no business can afford to overlook.

Hu says, “Very few people if any, saw a pandemic coming and the drastic impact it would have on retailers and other businesses that relied almost solely on foot traffic. It’s even more staggering how long the pandemic’s impact has endured for businesses, and even with a vaccine, there is no sure end in sight. I urge any business that is struggling or wants to grow to find a way to increase its online presence and implement a proper digital marketing strategy. That is a specialty of my company, and our proven SEO strategies can go a long way toward helping any business looking to establish a solid online marketing presence. Those that don’t believe in the power of online marketing need look no further than the eye-opening statistics generated by businesses during the pandemic.”

Kelowna SEO marketing agency consultant Sherman Hu

Some of the facts that were pointed out by the leader of this reputable Kelowna SEO service company show that digitally-mature companies have experienced an approximately 26% increase in profits from consumer shopping than peer businesses that did not have a previously established digital marketing strategy. Looking at statistics like this, up to 89% of companies with little or no previous online presence have created one or plan to do so. This shift by businesses towards a more substantial online shopping presence leads Hu to say this trend should motivate companies to establish a robust online marketing presence.

Hu also shared how passionately businesses now feel digitally marketing their products or services is paramount to their survival. Currently, 44% of all companies are adopting a digital-first approach to running their business. An estimated 27% of companies now feel that an established online presence is not only vital to their bottom line - it’s a matter of survival. In a survey of companies that do not have a robust digital marketing presence, 44% of those companies say that it’s just a matter of time before they start losing a significant share of their niche market.
Restaurants are now offering online ordering and curbside takeout. Traditional brick & mortar businesses offer goods on eCommerce sites. Counsellors and therapists provide online counselling services. Private schools have shifted focus to online learning. Hu says that those companies that did not adjust their marketing strategy to include a partial online presence are mostly struggling to recover. Some don’t even exist anymore.

Hu said one has to look no further than Chipotle to find a success story related to the material. That company claims that a shift to online ordering saved the business. As a result of them being more proactive with their digital marketing, the company experienced unprecedented growth in quarter two of 2020 to the tune of some $829.3 million. This growth was the company’s highest-ever quarterly level earnings and represented an increase over the previous year’s sales by 60.7%.

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