Kbg Insurance &Amp; Financial Shares Analysis Of Top Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies

Spokane, WA-based KBG Insurance & Financial is reaching out to share insight on the top home insurance providers that they work with. The firm has always believed that a high degree of transparency contributes greatly to a homeowner’s ability to make informed decisions that support their personal requirements. As such, they encourage the community to learn more about these providers and get in touch with representatives at KBG Insurance & Financial if they wish to make any clarifications. Read more about the firm’s activity in home insurance at the following link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kbg-insurance-financial-launches-homeowners-215500142.html.

One of the largest home insurance providers in the US, according to KBG Insurance & Financial, is Travelers. This company has been proudly serving communities across the country for more than 165 years, and their services include a host of advantages that homeowners will want to consider. While they offer basic home insurance coverage, they also offer unique coverage options that many homeowners may find particularly applicable to their needs. This includes the replacement of a household’s contents at replacement cost, coverage for identity theft that extends up to $25,000, coverage that will replace a home’s damaged parts with green alternatives and so on.

Travelers is also known for offering ‘modern’ insurance discounts and coverage options that take today’s needs into account. With four home insurance package options and the largest selection of endorsements (additional coverage) options, this provider is one that KBG Insurance & Financial finds easy to recommend.

Clients who approach KBG Insurance & Financial will be pleased to learn that they have no shortage of providers to consider, however. They recommend Allstate as well, which offers a large selection of insurance products (that include home insurance). This provider’s policies cover a variety of factors as part of their standards offerings, including the dwelling, attached buildings, personal property coverage and even guest medical coverage. Their expansive selection of additional options include water damage coverage (caused by a backed up sump pump), business equipment coverage (which pertains to both computer and office equipment used in the home), yard and garden coverage (regarding ornamental yard decorations, lawn equipment and so on) and more.

A major benefit of working with Allstate is that they allow clients to take their pick of a vast selection of policies, many of which can be bundled as well. This accessibility is enhanced by the fact that the provider also has an excellent mobile app that enables users to manage their policies with ease. Allstate is also available across the nation. See what KBG Insurance & Financial thinks of this provider (and many others) on their Facebook page, which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/kbgagency.

KBG Insurance & Financial also understands that many homeowners may want to customize their home insurance policies to a far greater degree than they may expect from most providers. Should this be the case, the firm suggests that interested parties take a look at Safeco, which provides great basic home insurance and a variety of add-ons that can be used to personalize coverage to suit specific requirements.

Some examples of these add-ons include identity theft cost reimbursement (up to $25,000), appliance breakdown coverage (protecting Energy Star rated appliances that break down for reasons outside regular use), a single deductible if the claimant has multiple losses from one claim (such as house and car damage caused by a storm) and more. This provider is also notable for the fact that claims can easily be filed over the phone or via their online portal. With expansive coverage options and great bundling discounts for a variety of other insurance products, Safeco is an excellent choice for many. According to the firm, they are also backed by Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual, another exceedingly well known name in the industry, offers insurance throughout the country via online portals as well as independent agents. A policy can be purchased online (whereupon the homeowner saves 10%) but those interested may also engage with an agent to customize their policy further or learn more about the options at their disposal.

This provider’s offerings include hurricane roof coverage damage, replacement cost for personal property, water backup coverage and so on. Additionally, their wide selection of discount options include affinity discounts, and their mobile app offers a great deal of functionality (a claim can be filed here, for instance). They also provide several digital resources, such as home inventory, along with various advice options.

KBG Insurance & Financial also draws attention to Grange Insurance Association, which has been active in the insurance industry for 85 years. While this provider does not have an online platform for quote options, they do offer many comprehensive home insurance options through their knowledgeable and helpful independent agents. Their standard home insurance policies can be obtained with underground service line coverage (to pay for damage to water, heating and cable lines under the ground), equipment breakdown coverage (for appliances, generators and other equipment in the home) and more.

Those interested will be pleased to learn that they may still report claims online, and Grange Insurance Association is also known for offering robust discounts alongside flexible billing options.


Homeowners are welcome to contact Joshua Loera of KBG Insurance & Financial if they wish to learn more about these providers and which of their unique policies would suit their personal needs the best. Further details can also be found on the firm’s official website. Explore further here: https://mgyb.co/s/y1VIf.


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