KBG Insurance & Financial Partners with New Companies for Lower Auto Insurance Rates

KBG Insurance & Financial has announced that they are now partnering with a number of auto insurance providers to offer customers competitive auto insurance rates. The Spokane, Washington based company recently announced that they have new partnerships with Traveler’s Insurance, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Grange, Progressive, Allstate and Mutual of Enumclaw to provide their customers with the most appealing auto insurance rates available.

Joshua Loera, a spokesperson for the company says, “Customers save even more when they combined their auto and homeowners insurance. We are always looking for ways to help our customers to get the coverage that they need at rates that they want. We also donate to multiple charities in the area for every policy we sell, because we believe in fostering our local communities.”

Loera says that customers on average can expect to save about 10 percent over other companies. Automobile insurance is a requirement that if not met, could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and in some areas, could cost drivers their freedom. Drivers not having state mandated coverage could see their driver’s licensed revoked if they are involved in an automobile accident or they could see hefty traffic tickets if they are involved in a traffic stop and cannot show proof of insurance.

“We know that auto insurance is often the last thing that families worry over,” says Loera. “Food, shelter, other things are simply more important to most families. Our goal at KBG Insurance & Financial is to help these families to get the coverage that they need to stay legal while avoiding the worry that often comes along with added expenses. We want our customers to be happy that they have chosen us for their auto insurance needs.”

Not only is auto insurance legally required in most areas today, but it also helps to protect consumers from accidents that may be their fault or from accidents that are the fault of someone else. Loera says that replacing a vehicle is an expense that many Americans can simply not afford to do right now. If a vehicle were involved in an accident and deemed unworthy for use, the consumer might otherwise be tasked with paying a hefty repair bill or buying a new vehicle all together. Loera says that having adequate coverage not only protects consumers legally but helps them with this exorbitant cost if an accident does occur.

The company also provides home coverage and can help businesses with insurance for business needs, as well. Loera says that homeowner’s coverage is just as important as auto or even health insurance because it protects the customers’ homes and their valuables. Homeowner’s insurance cover the basic needs, and ensure that the customer has the means to replace those needs should a situation occur. The company states that they work with various insurance providers specifically so that they can offer the best rates and the best coverage options to their customers. Loera says that meeting costs is just one aspect of a good insurance company. He adds that customers need to have a variety of choices and options when it comes to meeting their specific coverage needs, as not all customers are alike.

Home insurance coverage can provide protection not only for the home and the contents inside, but for other structures around the home, such as a porch or deck, garage or work shed, and certain outdoor living space customizations like outdoor kitchens and certain equipment. An added personal property coverage option will provide coverage for things like electronics, appliances, clothing, jewelry, furnishings, décor and other items in the home that are not specifically attached to the home.


KBG Insurance & Financial states that all consumers need to thoroughly consider their existing coverage and their options. Home and auto insurance are two very important things for consumers to have. Those interested in learning more about the company and their home and auto insurance options can visit them online or contact them directly via phone or email.


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