KBG Insurance & Financial Helps Clients Find The Best Home Insurance

Spokane, WA-based KBG Insurance & Financial is pleased to announce that they can help homeowners locate the best home insurance on the market.

As noted on their website, KBG Insurance & Financial is an independent insurance agency that is not tied to a single provider. This gives them an in-depth knowledge of various insurance products, companies and guidelines instead of knowing and pushing services from one specific insurance company alone. They have access to a wide range of products from different companies and allow their clients to switch from one insurance company to another without much difficulty.

In addition, KBG Insurance & Financial provides unbiased and objective advice that is in-line with their clients’ interests. They provide claims assistance and advocacy and let each client communicate with and receive policy service from the person they originally bought insurance products from. Furthermore, KBG Insurance & Financial offers a wide range of home insurance policies, including Allstate home insurance, travelers home insurance and Safeco home insurance. More information can be found at http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4909532.

Joshua Loera from KBG Insurance & Financial explains that they help homeowners in searching for an insurance policy that is best suited to their needs. In fact, the company offers tailored coverage and quality service at competitive prices that help clients save an average of $600 a year on home insurance. Loera asserts that home insurance is extremely important as it protects people financially in case of losses due to events such as fire, theft and vandalism. However, not all insurance companies offer the same insurance policies. They each offer different levels of coverage, different endorsements and riders and a variety of conditions and limitations. .

As a result, telling insurance policies apart from each other is extremely difficult — and may even be impossible without the assistance of an independent insurance agency such as KBG Insurance & Financial. It is important for people to know what different insurance companies offer before making a decision on which policy to purchase. Therefore, it is highly recommended that they choose a comprehensive policy in order to be covered for a variety of unexpected events.

KBG Insurance & Financial also helps insure people’s mobile and manufactured homes. These kinds of homes are not eligible for coverage under the standard homeowners insurance policies, which is why it is important for those who own them to have a special policy tailored to their requirements. The mobile home insurance offered by KBG Insurance & Financial goes beyond just protecting their clients’ mobile homes. It can also cover personal belongings, detached structures on their clients’ properties, living expenses and injuries. KBG Insurance & Financial invites the general public to visit their website at https://sites.google.com/site/kbginsurancefinancial/ to learn more about their services.

Thanks to their dedication to offering comprehensive insurance policies to their community, KBG Insurance & Financial has received great reviews for their services. Jacob Klingensmith says in a 5-Star Google review, “Derek is a top notch guy and super helpful. He allowed me to save money annually while going with the best insurance option. Their office is easy to find, and they are easy to contact. He is very quick with response and very thorough with questions. I trust him with my coverages and in the future, I will use him for my financial decisions. Thank you, Derek!”

Lori Morsman says in another 5-Star Google review, “I am a 65-year-old single female on a very tight semi-retired income based on Social Security and substitute teaching. I wanted a small life insurance policy with a reputable company which fit my limited budget. And he found that. But the reason for my 5-Star rating is Joshua's customer service. We chatted via text one evening, and he gathered initial information. A few days later, we met for coffee at a site near my home.”

The review explains, “He took all the time needed to get to know me, my interests, my insurance needs and budget, and for me to get to know him and his company and to answer questions. Since the preliminary policies he had brought were out of my reach, he continued looking and, two days later, we were doing paperwork for a policy which matched my needs. Joshua listens carefully, is flexible, knowledgeable and keeps in regular contact without being pushy or obtrusive. If he can help you, he will, but he will not try to sell you something you do not want. Perfect!”


Those interested in KBG Insurance & Financial and the insurance services they offer may learn more at the following link: https://g.page/kbginsuranceagency?gm. Furthermore, clients may visit KBG Insurance & Financial website for additional details.


For more information about KBG Insurance & Financial, contact the company here:

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