Karolina Blaszkiewicz Offers Quantum Healing and Mentoring Sessions for Women

Karolina Blaszkiewicz, a feminine confidence and love coach, energy and sexual healer, and spiritual teacher based in Tallinn, Estonia, has announced that she is offering quantum healing and mentoring sessions for women. She explains that these are highly energetic healing sessions that are designed to work with the quantum energy fields and divine soul blueprint of women. Through these sessions, she will help clear vows, karma, and contracts.

She will assess the personal vibrational energy of those who attend the sessions to determine those blocks that are holding them back on their path. She will also look at the energy that can help the women on their path. She will offer guidance to the attendees on how they can work through the block and the eliminate the blocked frequencies.

Karolina Blaszkiewicz also wants to emphasize that the energy sessions with mentoring will be very activating and transformative. And when one-on-one sessions are held, the possibilities are actually limitless. Such sessions can be used for trauma and depression; soul mate, relationships and love; trauma release; money blocks; spiritual upgrades; and trapped emotions and energy release.

She will be guiding the women through the path of self-discovery, healing, manifestation, and transformation. Through these sessions, Karolina will not only reveal everything that is holding them back but together, they will shift those unconscious blocks to provide a path for the emergence of the new woman, who is capable of inviting more love and abundance in her life.

Karolina explains, “You know deep down that you are here to make a difference in the world. You are ready to move beyond your family’s story about love & money. You are no longer willing to allow your past challenges to define who you are. You are ready to move out of struggle and into the abundance you’ve been craving for so long. It’s time to heal your money blocks, move into being a true co-creator of your life, and step into your true power. You are ready to open your heart for love, attract your soulmate and create conscious relationship. I bring deep healing, mentoring & spirituality together to help you unlock & realize the potential within you.”

She adds, “You deserve to have your dream life and amazing relationship. Let me show you how. If you’re still not sure if these sessions can help you, schedule a clarity call with me.”

Meanwhile, in a previous press release, she had announced her program designed to show women how to get the man they want. This program is also made up of healing sessions but the purpose is for the participants to be able to release the old narratives about man, relationships, love, and themselves. In these sessions, Karolina Blaszkiewicz provides the participants with practical and spiritual tools that enable the women to move up into higher vibrations that will allow new possibilities.

The said program is for different types of women. These include: single women who want to attract the man they truly desire and not just the man they often get; open-minded women who want to use their feminine energy and get to experience more flow in their everyday lives; women who want to feel that they are more attractive, confident, and feminine, both sexually and intellectually; women who want to improve their relationship; women who have become aware that they have to invest in themselves to be able to heal, transform, grow, and thrive again; and women who want to love and trust themselves enough to allow themselves to fall in love again.

Karolina Blaszkiewicz says, “Work with me and I'll guide you to: gain clarity and define your ideal relationship and partner; discover your blocks and release them; get rid of limiting beliefs about love, men and relationship; and manifest your soulmate or deepen your bond with your present partner."


Women who are interested in knowing more about the quantum healing and mentoring sessions may want to check out her website, or contact her on the phone, or via email.


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