Karolina Blaszkiewicz: How To Overcome Money Blocks

Karolina Błaszkiewicz, a feminine confidence and love mentor, energy and sexual healer and spiritual teacher based in Tallinn, Estonia, is reaching out to share how one may remove money blockages from one's life. Through a new article published on her website, she outlines how an individual may bring more money into their lives by changing their attitude, vision and approach to common issues.

"People tend to treat money as this mystical thing, loaded with all with all sorts of meanings, when the reality is that money is just energy. The sooner we realize that, and begin to treat it as such, the sooner we will be able to find ways to overcome our money problems," says Blaszkiewicz. "I am here to unlock your inner wisdom and your deepest potential so that you can live in health, wealth, power and love. Through transformative Quantum healing, mindset technique, mentoring and aligned action you will be encouraged to create a powerful personal identity that positively impacts your life and the world. My desire is to awaken your innate intuitive and healing abilities so you can transform your life, live vibrantly and become a conscious creator."

According to Blaszkiewicz, money is a subject with many different aspects. While getting to unravel, explore and understand these aspects is not an easy task, it makes for a great personal development journey. Those who succeed in traversing this journey find themselves free of negative conditioning, unhelpful beliefs and the subconscious programming that has held them back. The renowned teacher states that anyone under the right mentorship can achieve it. More information on this is available on her website: https://karolinablaszkiewicz.com/.

"It all starts with the careful planning and designing of your future and your vision," states Blaszkiwicz. "This will be the point for you to come back to whenever you are feeling lost during this journey. This will determine the scope of your vision, your dreams and your deepest desires. In order to do this properly, you need to evaluate what money truly means to you, pondering about the stories about money you learned when growing up and the beliefs you took from culture, religion, ancestors, history and land."

This evaluation is supposed to be a cathartic process, with the ultimate purpose of identifying the individual’s limiting beliefs about money. With these properly identified, they can then begin to clear these beliefs on a subconscious level and choose different thoughts, actions and behaviours to follow — and replace — on a daily basis. This process will likely be accompanied by the release of trapped negative emotions like anger, blame, shame, guilt, resentment and so on, making way for new, positive thoughts and reactions.

Blaszkiewicz states, "We all have these kinds of fear-based thoughts, which is why overcoming them is so important. You'll want to replace these with love based thoughts that will shift your energy and experience. This shift in your attitude is perhaps the most important part of the process, as it helps expand the limits so you can receive more abundance, more money in your life. Ultimately, you will end up uncovering more about your unique gifts and talents, while clearing your limiting self perceptions so that you can become more confident in who you are and what you can do."

Blaszkiewicz states that this transformation is possible for anyone with the will and time to dedicate to it. Her 5-week program focuses on this goal, helping attendees transform their relationship with money into something positive. She states that the program consists of five powerful modules, with five live, guided transformational energetic healing sessions. Some of the topics covered in the program include overcoming 100 common limiting beliefs that most people feel stuck with, how to create a future vision and uncover one's true gifts and so on.

More information on Karolina Błaszkiewicz and her mentorship program is available through her website. Interested parties may reach out to her to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, she invites prospective clients to join her free Facebook group to participate in discussions and say up to date with new developments.


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