Karolina Blaszkiewicz Helps Women Attract The Right Man

Karolina Blaszkiewicz, a feminine confidence and love coach, energy and sexual healer, and spiritual teacher based out of Tallinn, Estonia, recently shared a new blog post that aims to help women attract the right man. Blaszkiewicz is a spiritual teacher who guides women back to their divine femininity and helps them get back in touch with their sensuality. She facilitates healing and growth through self-love practices, transformational mentoring, and introspective mindfulness.

In the blog post, the first tip that Blaszkiewicz shares is that women need to decide what they want. As she explains in the post, many women do not know what kind of relationship they want. She compares it to going to the librarian and asking for a book. Unless one knows which book they want, they are not going to get something they like. Similarly, women need to know other factors, such as how they want their significant other to touch them, how much communication and how it is done, how they want to feel what each partner will contribute to the relationship and more.

According to Blaszkiewicz, maintaining clarity is extremely important. This means that women need to be very honest with themselves and figure out whether they are ready for a new relationship or whether they need to heal and relearn themselves first. Blaszkiewicz then goes on to say that women need to listen to what their body and soul are saying. In the blog post, she recommends that women find time for themselves every day, which they will assign as their ‘sacred Goddess’ time. This time should be used to meditate for 10 minutes and then focus on their body and their emotions to connect with their heart’s desires.

Another key point the blog post shares is that one should start discovering their deep beliefs about love, relationships and themselves. In the blog post, Blaszkiewicz writes, “In order to start manifesting what you really want in your life, you need to start deeper work. Find all the beliefs that are serving you like, “I can do anything,” and also start discovering the beliefs that prevent you from achieving what you want i.e. “I do not deserve to be successful,” “I need to work hard,” “I do not trust man” and “I am not good enough.””

She goes on to say that once the limiting beliefs are found, one should write down where they came from. The blog post continues, “You will be surprised how many are not even yours. You have picked them up from your parents or surroundings. Start transforming them into a positive one. Like attracts like.” The full blog post, along with other informative posts that delve into topics like How To Get The Man, can be found on Blaszkiewicz’s website.

She says, “Every woman is born with the power to create and manifest her heart’s desires, but the sad truth of the modern world is that, over time, women are conditioned to conform and comply instead of being their authentic selves. Women sacrifice pieces of themselves for the happiness of others and let their dreams fade away. I know this because I went through all this until I reached deep within me to touch the part of me that every woman has, the part of me that cannot be tamed — the passionate, creative, powerful and confident part — and set her free.”

Blaszkiewicz continues, “This transformation changed my life. I overcame depression, trauma, toxic relationships, anxiety and a lack of connection with my inner compass. I learned how to truly love myself to invite love into my own life. I have manifested my soulmate and healed and awakened my true sensual energy. Now I am dedicated to your awakening and truth. With my website and my online courses, I am dedicated to helping you reach your truth.”


Those who want to learn more about Karolina Blaszkiewicz and the services she provides are welcome to visit her website to get started. Blaszkiewicz also maintains a presence on Facebook where she frequently posts updates, shares media and communicates with her clients. She encourages interested parties to get in touch with her directly via email or phone. Alternatively, she can also be reached via the form on her website or through her Facebook page. She can also be found on YouTube sharing videos on topics such as ‘10 Things That Could Preventing To Falling In Love’ and so on.


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