JVI Mobile Marketing Is Now a Digital Marketer Certified Partner

JVI Mobile Marketing, a digital marketing agency based near Greensboro, NC, is proud to announce that they have joined forces with Austin, TX-based DigitalMarketer, and have committed to doubling the size of 10,000 small businesses by 2020 as a Digital Marketer Certified Partner. JVI is a digital marketing consulting company for small businesses and they are focused on helping small business owners with their product/market fit, driving traffic, and the creation of highly engaging posts. To know more about JVI, those interested may want to check out the previous starterstory.com interview of company founder Jay Vics.

JVI Mobile Marketing guides small business owners through their 8-step customer/ client value optimization process which is a lot easier than some 50+ page marketing plan. To help with this, they have developed HowTo.Agency as a coaching and training operation to teach potential clients through speaking engagements and workshops. Tons of tutorials are available on the website that complement the Digital Marketer Certified Partner program.

Digital Marketer Certified Partner

Customer value optimization can be used to build an unstoppable business because it is a system that works to repeatedly and efficiently attract new prospects, transform them into customers, and obtain maximum profit out of them. This system is based on the law of business growth according to Jay Abraham, which states that there are only three ways to grow a business. First is to boost the number of customers. Second is to increase the average transaction value for every customer. Third is to step up the number of transactions for each customer.

Customer value optimization leverages all of the three ways for business growth. The first step is to determine the customer’s desired outcome as a result of buying the product or service. A new business will fail if it is unable to provide a satisfactory “after” state for the customer. It is important to understand that the customers are in a “before” state where they were discontented regarding something and it is the role of the product or service to put them in an “after” state where they are no longer discontented. If the customers find themselves entertained, free of pain, or no longer afraid of something after purchasing the product or service, it is possible to successfully market the product or service.

Digital Marketer Certified Partner, Jay Vics, Founder and President of JVI Mobile Marketing, says, “We’re excited to have become a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner. Their system fits in very well with the digital marketing consulting services that we have been providing for small businesses.”

After ensuring product/market fit, the goal of the relationship is to take a customer from being completely unaware of the company through a sequential process that would turn them into a raving fan. "Now, we have all of the tools, frameworks, and metrics to accomplish this at our disposal," says Mr. Vics.

Those who are interested in learning more about the digital marketing consulting services for small businesses provided by JVI Mobile Marketing may want to check out their website, particularly HowTo.Agency, their coaching and training website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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