Jumptastic Party & Event Rental Has Made Party Rentals Easy

Jumptastic Party & Event Rental, a company based in Lawrenceville, GA has made it easy to schedule party rentals in Lawrenceville and in the Atlanta metropolitan area. They have 100s of magical experiences for participants and their families to enjoy. Whether it's sweet treats, seating, inflatables, outdoor movie screens, interactive games, trackless trains, or arcade games, carnival rides, they’ve got everything people are looking for to ensure a magical experience.

Easy party rentals is made possible by Jumptastic's huge inventory of bounce and slide combo rentals. Each bounce house and slide combo offers a large bouncing area and a slide for hours of fun for all ages. Customers will also find themes perfect for their event, colors to match and the just the right size to fit the event space.

Party Rentals Made Easy with Jumptastic Party & Event Rental

Favorite party rental choices include concession machine rentals to satisfy sweet cravings; photo booth rentals to capture the beautiful smiles of participants. Still another great possibility is watching movies under the stars. One simple package is the Night Under the Stars Package, which includes a 12’ inflatable outdoor movie projection screen, 12 chairs and a large red 8oz popcorn machine.

A good choice for kids and young adults is the bounce house with slide. Whether climbing, sliding down the slide, or simply bouncing, or moving through obstacles, party organizers can't go wrong with one of these great bounce house with slide inflatables. Various options include: Huge Monster Truck Bounce and Slide 3D, Funhouse Bounce and Slide Combo, Funtime Combination Jump and Slide, Tropical Breeze Bounce and Slide Combo, Crayon Combination Jump and Slide Combo, Daydream Bounce and Slide, Huge Tiki Island Playland, Island Tropic Bounce and Slide, Passion Bounce and Slide, Themed Premiere 5-in-1 Extra Large Combination Bounce, Slide and Play Ride, Princess Daydream Bounce and Slide, Tiki Bounce and Slide, and more.

Also available are the inflatable games. Whether it’s football, basketball or another popular game, there are options to fulfill the desire to prove the participants’ skills. Examples include: Bullseye Target Game, 3 N 1 Sports Inflatable Game, Axe Throw Inflatable Game, Batter Up Baseball Game, Bungee Run Basketball Game, Future Stars Basketball Game, Shooting Stars Basketball Game, First Down Inflatable Football Game, Touchdown Interactive IPS Football Game, Football- Field Goal Kick, Human Foosball Inflatable Game, Soccer Challenge Game, Soccer Darts Inflatable Game, Soccer Darts Multi Use Inflatable Game, Soccer Fever Interactive Game, Bouncy Boxing Inflatable Game, Bungee Run I Two Player, Bungee Run Three Player, Carnival Midway Game, Hot Potato Challenge Game, Inflatable Twister Game, Jacob's Ladder Two Person, Joust Challenge Game, Skee Ball Inflatable Game, Traditional Sticky Velcro Wall, and Four Player Wrecking Ball.

Water slide rentals would be a natural inclusion. These include: 18' High Celebration Water Slide, 15' High Celebration Water Slide, 27' Long Rainbow Slip and Slide, 27' Long Tropical Palm Slip and Slide, 32' Long Tropical Dual Slip and Slide, 12' High Lil Kahuna Water Slide with Pool, 13' High Backyard Water Slide, 13' High Blue Marble Water Slide, 13' High Mickey Park Water Slide with Pool, 15' High Cotton Candy Water Slide, 15' High Retro Dual Lane Water Slide, 15' High Tiki Plunge Dual Lane Water Slide, 15' High Tropical Marble Water Slide, 18' High Double Rush Dual Lane Water Slide, 18' High Retro Water Slide, 18' High Wild Tropic Water Slide, 18' High Tiki Plunge Dual Lane Water Slide, 18' High Tropical Marble Water Slide, 20' High Wild Rapids Dual Water Slide with Pool Fire and Ice, 20' High Wild Rapids Dual Water Slide with Pool Grey, 22' High Orange Crush Tropical Slide with Slip and Slide, 22' High Tiki Plunge Dual Lane Water Slide, 24' High Huge Surprise Double Lane Water Slide, 27' High Huge Tiki Plunge Dual Lane Water Slide with Slip and Slide, 32' Blazing Rapids Dual Lane Water Slide w Slip and Slide, and more.


Those who are interested in learning more about the event and party rentals can check out the Jumptastic Party & Event Rental website at https://www.jumptastic.com/, or contact then on the phone or through email.


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