Judge Jenkins Earns High Praise As He Sets A Sterling Example For Dallas

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has recently entered the public eye as an example to aspire to due to his recent actions. While the judge had already enjoyed a degree of popularity, this reached new heights among the city’s residents as he redoubled his efforts to guarantee the safety and well-being of local communities. In particular, he has shown an unwavering determination in maintaining all COVID-19 safety measures while campaigning for vaccine awareness, hoping to boost trust in the vaccines that are already becoming available to the public.

His outstanding actions piqued the interest of several members of the public, who now praise Judge Jenkins' efforts and thank him for the sterling example that he is setting for his peers and other important figures in Dallas. Judge Jenkins refuses to attend any of his meetings in person, for instance,instead choosing to attend virtually over Zoom video calls. While the community has shown nothing but support and appreciation for the judge, some of his colleagues are not too pleased with his performance, as he was once heavily criticized for being late to a meeting due to technical difficulties.

A report from the Dallas Morning News on December 30th states, “When Dallas County commissioners met downtown recently, John Wiley Price and J.J. Koch snickered out loud. It was 9 a.m., the start of their Tuesday semimonthly meeting, and County Judge Clay Jenkins was late. They bemoaned their colleague because they were there in person, donning masks, and Jenkins was not. The county’s top elected official was at home, where he has led meetings since the start of the pandemic in March. In fact, Jenkins said, technical issues — not tardiness — is typically why he is delayed joining his four colleagues, who have continued to meet in person at the historic county administration building facing Dealey Plaza. And while the moment was mostly in jest, it was symbolic of how Jenkins has had detractors, despite his best efforts to promote good public health practices to combat the coronavirus.”

Despite the backlash and discontent from his peers, Jenkins remains unwaveringly committed to his principles, stating that he will not meet in person until the pandemic is under control. This is only one of his many initiatives that benefit the community, and his most noteworthy effort may be the awareness campaign he launched to boost trust in the new COVID-19 vaccine.

An article posted by KEEN 5 News reports that Jenkins and the county's Health and Human Services department have been collaborating with local health professionals and community leaders on a vaccine awareness campaign that will be rolled out soon. Jenkins informed WFAA about the campaign as hospitals in Dallas receive and administer their first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in a day that Jenkins underscored as historic. His goal for the following weeks is to get the vaccines to nursing home staff and residents, promising that they will be administered as soon as they arrive.

Meanwhile, he also continues to fight skepticism of the vaccines' efficacy and benefits, as polls have shown that 15% of Americans would refuse to take the vaccine outright while 40% would take it right away and 44% percent said they would wait. This is a crucial time to fight misconceptions, as vaccines are now being rolled out in Dallas, with more doses on the way. Contrary to what some may believe, vaccines do expire, and this one is no different. From the point of delivery to the arrival at a hospital or health center, healthcare workers are working on tight windows of opportunity to administer doses.

Dallas County residents have not been the only ones to comment on the judge's actions and show their support, as local businesses have also spoken out. Being one of the most influential Spa Centers in Dallas, the Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa & CoolSculpting Center makes an effort to remain closely involved with the community. They are adamant about being up to date with the latest news on any topic that involves the area, and they too did not hesitate to express their appreciation for Judge Jenkins. The company even went so far as to post an article on their blog describing the situation, and commending Jenkins' actions as, "An example to follow."


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