Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer Explains The Difference Between a Family Law Attorney and a Divorce Lawyer

Manhattan, NY - People may be confused about legal terminology and the labels by which lawyers refer to themselves. This often happens in family and divorce law when an attorney refers to themselves as a “divorce lawyer” or a “family law” attorney. But Juan Luciano, Esq., a divorce lawyer in New York, says it is all semantics.

Divorce laws fall under the umbrella of family law in New York. Divorce lawyers will handle matters of a divorce, including child support and custody, spousal support, visitation, and asset division. Many divorce lawyers will also handle matters of family law, including separation agreements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and even those concerning adoption and foster care.

Divorce attorney

In most cases, the labels are interchangeable. But often, the label that a lawyer chooses can be a reflection of the perception they want to create. This will depend on the lawyer.

“When it comes to perceptions, a lawyer may choose a label according to how it makes potential clients feel,” says Mr. Luciano. “So if a lawyer is looking to attract a client who is looking for someone who is a more aggressive litigator, the label ‘divorce lawyer’ may have a stronger connotation for them than a ‘family law attorney.’ The term ‘family law attorney’ will bring up a perception of one who might take a more collaborative approach, the kinder, gentler version of the ruthless divorce lawyer. But that’s not true. They both do the same thing -- practice family law.”

Regardless of what a New York family law attorney or a divorce lawyer in Manhattan calls himself or herself, a talented lawyer should be able to skillfully collaborate whenever possible. It will invariably save money and time for the client, as well as set up a framework where the two parties can work together. This is especially important when there are matters such as spousal support and child custody, where the two parties will be required to interact with each other on an ongoing basis.

A good lawyer will want to nurture that spark of collaboration to ensure that the client can have an effective ongoing relationship with the other spouse and make good independent decisions for himself or herself without getting constant input from the attorney.

Whether a lawyer identifies one way or the other should be inconsequential in your choice. Choosing the right divorce attorney is a very personal matter. Depending on your goals, you want to choose someone who comes highly regarded with the personality and experience that matches your needs. Most people are looking for a lawyer who can have a compassionate approach when necessary but also have an aggressive spirit when called for. This can’t be distilled into a label.


Matters of divorce are never easy and finding the right lawyer can be difficult. During his 15 years practicing family law in the Bronx, Manhattan, and New York City, Mr. Luciano has taken the time to understand his clients’ needs in order to guide them through a challenging divorce.


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