Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer Discusses How to Pick a Matrimonial Lawyer in New York City

Manhattan, NY -- Going through a divorce can be a gut-wrenching experience. Yet, at that very vulnerable time, we are left to find the right divorce lawyer to ensure our short-term and long-term future needs. No one appreciates this more than a practicing matrimonial attorney in New York.

Juan Luciano, Esq. has dedicated his career to helping clients navigate the rocky emotional terrain of divorce. He understands that making the right decision in that choice can set a client up for success or failure years down the road. Consequently, he has published a new blog post setting out suggestions for how to choose the best lawyer for a client’s needs.

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“Finding a good divorce lawyer can be difficult given the emotionally fragile moment. I see it each day in my practice. At a time when a client is having a hard time trusting things in general, they’re then called upon to trust a virtual stranger. I wanted to set out a step-by-step approach to finding a lawyer when it’s the last thing most people want to do.”

As a highly personalized choice, Mr. Luciano believes that taking the time to find the right matrimonial attorney in New York City is critical to the success or failure of a marital dissolution.

Taking a measured approach to finding a divorce lawyer shouldn’t only be about personal recommendations. In his blog post, Mr. Luciano suggests looking for three lawyers that may fit the needs of the client. Just like any other professional, looking at reviews is important. But then, Mt. Luciano suggests that the client should take it further, first by phone and then with an in-person interview. Asking important questions and getting a feel for the answers and the way they are communicated is key.

“A lawyer-client relationship is a very personal one. Communication is important. When it comes to a divorce, a client will be sharing personal information. He or she needs to truly feel a sense of trust with their lawyer. Research is a great tool, but I also wanted to highlight the role that intuition can play in that choice. A good divorce lawyer isn't just a legal advocate. We are also emotional advocates. We must always look to balance emotional needs with legal needs when representing any client’s best interests.”

In his blog post, Mr. Luciano also suggested not to rely on paid advertising to choose the best matrimonial lawyer in New York.

“Advertising can be a double-edged sword for clients who are trying to choose the best lawyer for a difficult divorce. Human nature often leaves us gravitating to something on a billboard because of name recognition. And this is the last thing that a client should use as criteria when it comes to their future post-divorce. Paid advertising doesn’t speak to the skill or experience of the lawyer.”


Mr. Luciano has been a practicing matrimonial attorney in Manhattan, the Bronx, and throughout New York City for over 15 years.


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