Juan Luciano, Divorce Lawyer, Discusses How Child Support Is Calculated In New York

Manhattan, NY - Today, Juan Luciano, a top-rated upper east side divorce lawyer, discussed how child support is calculated in New York. As the distinguished divorce attorney explains, calculating child support can depend on many factors, not the least, the income of both parents.

“It’s very common for parents to think that they will just be sharing half of the child or children’s expenses in a divorce. And although this is definitely an option, especially in joint custody arrangements, this is not always the case. The courts evaluate the amount of child support on the most basic necessities based on the level of income from each parent. The share of expenses after that will depend on what the courts believe is best for the long-term wellness of the children.” said the prominent Manhattan divorce attorney.

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Basic child support is meant to cover expenses for necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. New York laws provide clear guidelines on how this is calculated. The total value of child support is determined based on a percentage of total income that ranges from 17% for one child to 35% for five or more children. A non-custodial parent’s share of child support is based on their proportion of the total adjusted gross income of both parents.

However, in divorce cases, the matter of child support will often extend beyond basic necessities to cover other expenses such as medical costs and extracurricular activities. Oftentimes, some proposed expenses may have ulterior motivations that are not for the sole benefit of the child or children so it is vital to have an experienced divorce attorney to carefully examine the circumstances in order to achieve a fair outcome.

In addition, in high net worth divorces, the amount of child support may be capped, based on the court's decisions and the child's anticipated needs.

Lack of effective legal guidance and counsel can result in one parent paying a disproportionately higher amount in child support that may turn into unnecessary financial stress.

“The calculation of basic child support is relatively straight forward. But there will often be other expenses that go beyond the normal necessities that parents will need to consider when trying to calculate their portion of child support. Each case will be different with some proposed expenses being more unrealistic than others. As a divorce attorney, I help parents by guiding them through the legal processes and offer advice and counsel to build a case that can present what is truly in the best interest of the child or children to the courts - all while striving to protect the financial health of the client.” said Mr. Luciano.

Divorce and child support has many financial implications for parents. Mr. Luciano has over 15 years of experience working with clients on matters of child support. He has the knowledge and skills to help guide parents who are seeking to understand how child support is calculated and the kind of financial impact they can expect.

A divorce can bring about challenging and stressful times, filled with uncertainty. Matters of divorce may be made more complicated with families that have children. A common topic that comes up in divorce cases, is the calculation of child support and how much each parent is responsible for. Non-custodial parents, in particular, may feel more anxious with regards to child support as this responsibility can have major implications for budgets and long term financial planning. To help with the dissolution of one's marriage, contact Juan Luciano Divorce Law Firm today.



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