Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer Answers Questions: How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in New York City

Manhattan, NY -- When a couple is going through a divorce, the time it takes to finalize can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But Juan Luciano, Esq., a divorce lawyer in Manhattan, suggests that, in many cases, the couple has a lot of control over how long a divorce in New York will take.

“Although there are some factors that are out of a couple’s control when it comes to the divorce process, in many cases, divorces that go on and on are due to couples who can’t find common ground they can agree to. So technically, a divorce can take as long as the parties want it to take in terms of willingness to compromise.”

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Juan Luciano, Esq. has an insider’s view on divorces in New York. As an experienced New York divorce attorney, he has dedicated his career to practicing family law, including mediation, uncontested divorces, and contested divorces.

Although nobody looks forward to a long divorce process, in many ways a couple that can find ways to compromise fare better in that regard. The fewer complications and less litigation required, the quicker a divorce can be finalized.

Whereas an uncontested divorce may only take four to six months to finalize, in matters of a contested divorce, it can take many more months and, in some cases, years.

“With contested divorces, you can have more parties involved than the attorneys for the couple. Sometimes, the children have their own attorneys. Then you have experts both for child custody and support and asset division. Particularly in a contested divorce, you may have the added input of several other professionals like valuation experts and forensic accountants and psychologists. And if the couple still can’t come to an agreement, you then need to take your evidence to court to allow a judge to make the final determination. This all takes time. The more areas of dispute, the longer it will take. That’s why the more a couple can compromise, the better it is in terms of how long the divorce process will go on.”

That being said, other factors do play into how expeditiously a divorce can move. Mr. Luciano says that the county where the divorce is being filed often has something to do with how quickly the process moves.

“Some counties are just very well-organized and efficient and you get far more feedback and assistance from the clerks. Westchester County and New York County are good with this and typically offer a quicker process. It can also come down to sheer volume in the court system.”

But, bottom line, the more a couple can work together to compromise, the easier and quicker the divorce will go.

Mr. Luciano offers a quick YouTube video to discuss how long it takes to get a divorce in New York.

Juan Luciano, Esq. has been a practicing divorce attorney in Manhattan, the Bronx, and throughout New York City since 2008. Those interested can learn more about his practice, Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, at https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/.



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