Juan Luciano, Bronx Annulment Attorney, Gets Another Encouraging Customer Review

Bronx - Family law is typically focused around the point in times that test a couple and their family. Divorce, child custody, division of assets, spousal support, visitation, and child support; all of these can be extremely charged decisions and can affect everyone involved, both financially and emotionally. When emotions run high, it is typically hard for couples to think clearly about the consequences of their actions and choices throughout a divorce.

Juan Luciano, Esq., a knowledgeable annulment attorney in the Bronx, understands his function as the financial, emotional, and legal representative for his clients. There is frequently a fine line in between being a support system for his clients, keeping open communication lines between partners, and yet understanding when to bring out the aggressive procedures needed to make sure that his client's rights and best results are being totally represented.

"Most of the time, I'm dealing with clients who are going through a really vulnerable and painful time. They must make sensitive choices that will affect them and their kids for many years to come," described the annulment attorney. "Although I realize that I can't take away the discomfort they are feeling, I can help make these essential decisions. The important decisions must be made while keeping the client's emotional comfort as well as their dignity as an important element in all our discussions. While we try to keep open lines of interaction and cooperation with the other partner, there are some instances when this is not possible or efficient, and we have to count on more aggressive methods. I follow the client's leads whenever I can, but, I also need to be honest with them. It is a fine line that we need to walk as attorneys."

Mr. Luciano is a firm believer in the power of empathy and respect and attributes his success to his ability to treat his family law clients with a level of sensitivity. While cooperative techniques are his first go-to approach, he understands there are times when cooperation may no longer be worthwhile. Because of this, Mr. Luciano continues to gather favorable reviews from his clients:

Crawford Ward from the Bronx says: "Mr. Juan Luciano is an outstanding family law attorney. He was very professional and worked hard to resolve our case. Excellent performance, well-prepared at hearing days, and I am extremely happy with the outcome of our case. He is a great attorney. I have had the pleasure of working with many family lawyers in the Bronx but he is by far the kindest and the best. Juan is a great choice if you are looking for someone who cares about your case."

Because divorce typically influences the rest of a person's life, Juan Luciano works hard to bring legal skill and his years of experience to secure the most favorable result for each client he represents. Although an individual may not feel any sense of optimism during the divorce, Mr. Luciano understands that life does go on after a divorce, and the choices made in the middle of the turmoil will color the future for the law practice's clients. Mr. Luciano tries to provide a level of clear-mindedness during those moments when his clients may not have the ability to think clearly.

With a knowledgeable annulment lawyer guiding them, a difficult situation can frequently be adeptly worked out, thus making it possible for each partner to reach common ground. Mr. Luciano believes that getting the right representation can make a big difference in the cooperation and tone between former partners throughout the divorce process.

Mr. Luciano serves individuals in Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, the Upper East Side, and throughout New York City. Learn more about him and his practice at https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/am-i-entitled-to-an-annulment-in-new-york-if-my-marriage-has-not-been-consummated/.


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