John Cornish - Mortgage Lender Launches New Website Suitable For First Time Home Buyer

Davenport, IA based John Cornish - Mortgage Lender is pleased to announce that their new website has now launched, offering help for first time homebuyers in the states of Iowa and the surrounding areas. Those interested may visit the following link to get started:,

John Cornish, the head of the company, has been in the field of real estate finances since graduating from St. Ambrose University in 2003. He has long been known for the quality of work and service that he provides his clients. As he gained further experience as a home financial aid provider, he decided to work with Key Mortgage Group and was later on offered a partnership with Homeside, a housing opportunity financial provider. Now, John is the Branch Manager and Vice President for Mortgages of the Key Mortgage Group at Homeside.

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender

These financial companies have been providing their services in and around the Quad Cities for prospective clients. The Quad Cities in the state of Iowa, namely Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline, are where most of their clients reside.

Cornish is a devoted financial provider with unmatched passion and commitment to serving the needs of the local housing market. He makes sure to provide his clients the best professional advice and deals possible. He also educates them on the selection of programs available so they can make informed decisions on the financing option that best suits their needs as aspiring home buyers. Additionally, he has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the industry.

Assisted by his team, Cornish is more than qualified to provide legal advice to their clients. As professional housing financial aid specialists, they aim to provide professional services to first time home buyers in the states of Iowa. For more detailed feedback from former and current clients about Cornish’s quality of work, visit this link:

First time home buyers are not only the clients that they hope to assist. Cornish and his team are also prepared to offer home financial solutions to veterans who want the best rates for their situations. They are dedicated to provide the best solutions possible in accordance with each client’s needs and circumstances. They may also provide assistance through VA, a housing aid in the United States guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (specifically tailored for active veteran service personnel and their families).

On the other hand, they are also willing to provide their services as home financial aid specialists to current homeowners who are looking to refinance their home for cash or better rates. As certified home financial aid providers, they are also able to provide Federal Housing Administration (FHA) aid, and those that aim to cater the needs of low-to-moderate-income borrowers.

John Cornish, Key Mortgage Group and Homeside, have been working closely together and found a great deal of mutual success since their partnership took its first steps. It was grounded not only by the alignment of their platforms but also by their strong connection, passion for their work and desire to provide their clients effective solutions through high quality and reliable services.

When asked about the partnership, Cornish says, “I knew right away that this was the right fit for me and my team. They are the type of people that I want to partner with to continue to grow our presence in the Midwest.”

Meanwhile, Kevin, one of John’s clients, says in a glowing testimonial in Homeside’s website, “John and his staff did a great job making sure I was comfortable with the entire process as well as being sure to let me know that I could ask questions about anything at nearly any time of day and would receive a response. I appreciated this tremendously as a first time buyer.”

First time buyers and veterans who need professional advice for home financing concerns, and current homeowners who seek to refinance their home, may visit Homeside’s official website for more details. Clients may also connect with them through their Facebook Page at to stay up to date with their news, offers, and other announcements.


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