Jogger Self Defense Knuckle Tazer Products Available At New Ecommerce Site

U-Guard Security Products, a company based in Lebanon, Georgia, has launched their new company ecommerce site, which introduces their knuckle tazers and other non-lethal self-defense security products. These can be used by joggers, runners, walkers, and other active people who want to stay safe with less lethal products. Knuckle tazers can be used by people to keep themselves safe while minimizing the risk of become a victim of violent attack. These are similar in appearance to brass knuckles except that a stun weapon has been added to the front of the weapon.

The primary advantage of these knuckle tazers is that the user doesn’t have to apply a strong punch in order to deliver a painful numbing shock to the body of the assailant, producing short term pain and incapacitation of the assailant. These knuckle tazers make use of advanced technology that produces high voltage using a standard or rechargeable battery pack that applies the maximum milliamps permitted by law to be regarded as a non-lethal or less lethal weapon.

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To use the knuckle tazer properly, it must make contact with open skin areas, such as the chest and neck to deliver maximum shock and stopping power. The voltage generated is capable of penetrating through the usual layers of clothing but it would be best to target open skin.

Steve Trudeau, President of U-Guard Security Products, says, “These safety products for active people that we offer are the best stun guns available for personal self defense that will limit any long-term damage to an assailant and may be used legally in most states. Stun weapons produce high voltage that causes low amperage to run through the body, resulting in temporary pain, numbness, and loss of muscle control. The electrical charge can penetrate through the usual layers of clothing, but we suggest using them on the neck or chest area of open skin. It has to be in direct contact with body or skin for 3 to 5 seconds for optimum results.”

U-Guard Security Products has a broad range of styles, colors, models, and brands of stun device weapons to fit different lifestyles and self-defense product requirements. Knuckle tazers are favored by active men and women for personal protection, security, and self-defense. Meanwhile, the stun ring models are preferred by joggers, runners and walkers who want lightweight, compact, and powerful less-lethal weapons because they are easy to handle and use while on the go.

The stun guns available are of various forms. These include stun taser batons, mini stun guns, best stun guns, pink stun guns, phone stun guns, police stun guns, knuckle tazers, lipstick stun guns, stun gun flashlights, stun guns for women, rechargeable stun guns, and high voltage stun guns.

All of these less lethal self-defense products from U-Guard Security Products come with a satisfaction purchase guarantee, if for some reason they do not meet the buyer’s expectations. Each model is provided with comprehensive instructions for the function and operation of the knuckle tazers specific for each particular model. Most of them will require no special training or permits to operate.

It should be noted that while brass knuckles are not permitted by law in most states, knuckle stun guns are regarded as tasers, which means they are under a different classification of self-defense for less lethal civilian use in many places in the US. It is only the states of Hawaii and Rhode Island, including a few cities and counties that have restrictions on the sales, use, and ownership of stun weapons.

A knuckles taser is generally legal in all 50 states of the US. Stun guns are defined as a dangerous weapon in most states but are allowed by law as devices that can temporarily immobilize a person through the application of an electrical charge. However, in many states like California, stun gun tasers are not permitted in government buildings or school grounds.

Those who are interested in less lethal self-defense products may want to check out the new ecommerce website of U-Guard Security Products, contact them by phone or by email or they can click for more information.


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