Jewelry Reviews Publishes New Article on Keeping Jewelry Clean and Germ-Free

Jewelry Reviews is proud to publish a brand new article on keeping jewelry clean and germ-free. Those with face and body jewelry understand how difficult it is to keep hardware clean and the publication strives to keep those who express themselves through jewelry educated on how to maintain a healthy body. Those interested in learning more can read it here.

“A bowl of hot water and a few drops of antibacterial soap can be a lifesaver,” says the author. “Pure gold or titanium pieces can be purified by boiling them in water for a few minutes. This allows individuals to avoid harsh, chemical-based jewelry cleaners or rubbing alcohol that can damage your precious jewelry.”

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The article has been shared dozens of times on social media and the reactions have been positive. One reader states, “I almost never clean my jewelry between uses. After reading this article I’m going to take time weekly to make sure my jewelry is cleaned and sanitized. The risk of infection is simply not worth the time savings.”

Another reader commented, “I’ve been cleaning my jewelry at home for years and I always wondered why it would tarnish so quickly. I would always fix the problem with expensive trips to my professional jeweler, but not anymore. This article will save me hundreds of dollars.”

It was found that other methods such as using baking soda or alka-seltzer were effective in polishing jewelry, but not in keeping it germ-free. “We tried a variety of methods and found that some were more effective than others. Some methods recommended by our readers, like ammonia, were actually found to be damaging to both the jewelry and the wearer. We’re proud that our article was able to guide our readers away from using such methods in order to prevent infections.“ The author stated in a follow up email.

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