Jason Johnson Helps Entrepreneurs Have Their Own Indoor Digital Ads Network

Jason Johnson, an IT business owner, is happy to announce that entrepreneurs can now start their own digital ads network for $100 or less with things they can purchase at Walmart. Furthermore, they can be profitable even with just one client. This is based on the observation that indoor digital signage provides proven advantages for companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their customer engagement. Furthermore, enhanced technology is now making it easier to use technology while prices are going down and providing futuristic capabilities for consumer and workplace environments. More about this can be gleaned from myrevbuzz.com/digital-signage-offer.

Jason Johnson explains, “We've all wanted to start our own business and feel like we are free of responsibility to the boss or your clients and peers. I was when I decided to put a couple things together and do a better job than the others I saw doing it already. Now, I don't have to care about selling SEO services to my digital marketing prospects like tree trimmers, roofers, and other high ticket lead gen clients. They asked me to sell them to them. Does this sound hype-y and ridiculous? What if I gave you the system for free? Would you put it to practical use? Probably not. Most people who look for things for free don’t. So for this offer I am going to charge $6.17. If you want the basic idea of how to get this started you should check out the offer I have for you and if you want to go deeper and instantly triple your investment into hardware back then you should join my group Messaging is Marketing on Facebook.”

It is important to note that indoor displays may be the only choice for many businesses. Outdoor digital advertising may not be possible for the business because some US states have banned digital billboards and many commercial locations will require the business to get a zoning permit to install a digital billboard. And even if it were possible to use them, the physical location of the store presents some restrictions or barriers. For example, those who have stores inside malls, or those who are competing with others for outside space, may experience some challenges in utilizing outdoor displays. Thus, indoor digital ads may be the only option.

Meanwhile, the cost of digital displays has been decreasing. In addition, newer models with advanced technology, with higher quality and high resolution screens, are becoming available in the market. And an LCD/LED enclosure can be used to protect the indoor display in such a way that it is vandal-proof, which means indoor digital ads offer a cost-effective and secure way of gaining more customers.

Indoor digital signage has a number of advantages for the business’ branding efforts. These include the fact that: it decreases perceived waiting times at checkouts by as much as 35 percent; it results into a 31.8 percent rise in sales volume; it encourages customers to spend 30 percent more time in stores; and it boosts the average purchase amount by 29.5 percent. It also provides some benefits for consumers, such as the fact that: digital menus can reduce queues in fast food restaurants; touch screen wayfinding displays offer intuitive, gesture-controlled maps that can allow people to get where they’re going faster; and self-service kiosks can allow customers to browse digital catalogues and buy without having to wait for a salesperson.

And finally, indoor digital signage technology has been developing so fast, which means they are getting smarter. For instance: facial recognition cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automatically identify customers and display the most appropriate content based on certain factors, such as age and purchasing history; analytics functionality can be used to find out how people are engaging with the business’ digital signage, which can help in improving the effectiveness of their content; and reactionary content can automatically change depending on current real-world conditions, allowing the business, for example, to advertise umbrellas when it’s raining and sunglasses when it is sunny.

Those who are interested in learning more about the offer from Jason Johnson can check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jasonjohnsonseo, or contact him on the phone or through email.


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